Sew, Iron, cut, repeat.

This has been the story of my spare time.  I’m working on a chevron back for the big ugly quilt.  I’m trying to decide on which is a better system, all the strip cutting is done so here’s what I’m going with now: 1) sew, iron, cut each strip. 2) sew all the strips, iron all the strips, cut all the strips.  Currently I’m sewing all the strips.  I was sewing and ironing and cutting each strip, but I thought it may be faster to get all the strips sewn together first.

laid out chev

This is the progress I made while laying out the squares.  It’s going to take about 100 squares to cover the back, then some odds and end pieces here and there.

close up chev

This is my first attempt at a chevron quilt.  Doing it this way seemed a LOT easier than cutting out a billion tiny triangles.  And I hate triangles….they’ve wronged me before!  Squares on the other hand, we’re friends. 😀


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