Cut iron cut iron

I got in the sewing room last night and cut up 8 strips into squares!  8 more to go, then I can start placing them and figuring out how this is going to work!


It’ll be fun, right?! 😀 I’m hoping to get the last strips cut up tonight and finally start placing them.  If I had one of those “quilt wall” things, that’d be great. (Going for My best Lumburg here)

2 thoughts on “Cut iron cut iron

  1. Take a flannel flat sheet and pin to our wall in the sewing room. Or; CLIP it to the curtain rod or existing curtains and tack the two sides to the wall with a push pin. or….flannel sheet on the floor…..when you are finished, you fold carefully with the project inside in place.

    • I’m trying to figure out a good spot in my sewing room for one, that’s the big challenge. Otherwise it gets laid out on the bed in there and my little four-legged helper hops on it! :O

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