Iron staple….what the what?

Last night….I made a planning wall!  It was even easier than I thought.  The toughest part was figuring out where I was going to put it.  This obviously required a rearrangement of my sewing room.  It’s good though,  because I’ve been wanting to do something different in there and this gave me the need.


At first I considered just putting the panels over the closest door, but this was awkward.  So I moved some things around and bam!


Now I have a grown up looking planning wall.  Much to the dismay of my little helper


“Hey, I can’t rearrange them now!”

3 thoughts on “Iron staple….what the what?

  1. Wow…great to get up off the floor. I like it. You could add ‘another row’ on the left side if you needed more width. Did you make it out of ceiling tile covered in flannel? Will you eventually put it on the wall or do you plan to let it lean? One thing I find most helpful is my step stool; with the nice wide steps and a handle I can hang on to & drape squares over when I am working up high. I tend to start near the top for some reason…too lazy to bend over. Guess the little helper can sit back and watch you work now!

    • I actually got some foam board (I think they’re 20×32…) and I got a yard for each one. But it was a steal! the boards were $5.99 but they were 50% off, and I used 40% off on my fabric, so it cost less than $30. And I have the two top boards pinned to the wall, and the bottom ones are just leaning. For now it’s working, and eventually we’re going to move so maybe I’ll make it more permanent once that happens. My little sewing chair is a great help for me getting to the top. I’m only 5’2″ so I need all the help I can get! And Al can still wag his tail and knock a piece off the bottom…but it’s okay. 😀 I still love him.

  2. Excellant!! The foam board is a great idea….I pin a LOT when my pieces get “heavy”. While you are just laying them out, they stick pretty well, but once there are multiple seams they do not stick as well, and I pin. Often I have the whole quilt top up on the wall, and use LOTS of pins….my flannel is just a queen size sheet with giant pushpins at the top and bottom to keep it on the wall. I am NEVER moving again, so not too worried about the wall. 🙂

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