Looking for input…

I’ve got two charm packs and a jelly roll of Dusty Kona Solids, and I’m wondering what size of a  quilt I can make with this?  One of these days I’ll be down with the “oh 1 yard = baby quilt and 1 1/2 = a toddler bed” lingo, but for now I’m still kind of questioning.  The colors are SO pretty, so I’m really looking forward to making a really pretty quilt with them.  I really want to do something I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers do, where it’s sort of ombré (funny side story, my sister told her boyfriend she was making a ombré easter egg, and he asked where she was going to get a tiny sombrero!  :D)  but there’s a strip that’s flipped.  Also, I’m a total weirdo and I like doing both sides of my quilts as a pattern.  Sure, this takes forever, but it’s just more fun to me.  I always hated getting a store-bought quilt and one side would be okay and the other side was just plain.  I make double the quilt…double the fun?  That’s probably why it takes me forever to make a quilt, but it’s alright.  Big long projects that go on for a long time seem to be the theme of my life.  Anyhow, to give you some dimensions to work with here, the jelly roll has 41 2 1/2″x 44″ strips, and the charm pack has 41 5″ squares, and with 2 there’s 82 squares total.  Until later!  I’ll be awaiting your suggestions!

One thought on “Looking for input…

  1. I guess it depends on what type of quilt pattern you want, but on one side you could do a jelly roll 1600 quilt which is about 48×64 the way they originally made it. Google it and you’ll find instructions. It’s a good throw/lap quilt size. Then you could use the charm packs to piece the back of it. The thing is that two charm packs do not equate to a large quilt… unless you throw in some neutral fabric. If you pieced the charms on a grid, you could do 9×9 (which uses 91 charms). The square would be approximately 40.5 x 40.5 inches. Then just put a white or other neutral (I always like gray) around it to get to the 48×64 dimension of your jelly roll 1600 quilt on the front. Another idea is to go with a random number of charms on each row (sticking with the ombre or color order effect). Center 3 or 4 of them on the first row and then use neutral Kona to fill out the row. Maybe put 5 or 6 on the next. The idea is to vary the width of the color on each row. Good luck and I hope you have fun with it! -Jamie

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