WIP Wednesday (I suppose)

After work yesterday I got home, did my cleaning duties, and barricaded myself in the sewing room!  Well not entirely, Al needs to be free to indecisively wander in and out, and stare at me, and literally huff and puff and groan until I stop sewing.  But I did sew, much to his protest! 


I’d say I’m at about 45% on this side.  I’m happy with the progress I made last night.


The balled up quilt top and snuggy are Al’s doing…he kept rooting around in the top so I brought him a snuggy…he wasn’t satisfied. 


In case you were wondering about the piecing for this quilt, here’s a close up on a strip that hasn’t made it on with its strip brethren.  And yet, somehow even this is easy to mess up!  The last strip I got attached to he rest of the quilt I noticed the top two squares were backwards.  So I had the fun task of ripping out seams and re-sewing.  I also thought I’d take this chance to introduce my sewing machine.


This is my little pink Brother xl2610.  I like it a lot.  He’s real quiet and pretty!  Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great day out there!

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