Saturday night’s alright for…sewing! :D

And hopefully Friday night is too!  Well I’m just keeping my fingers crossed over here, the hubs needs new shoes, and it’s Friday which in my house means we get to eat out (yippee!),and my husband wants us to go fishing this weekend, and at some point this weekend I need to give my little Al a bath.

See, he’s a long hair dachshund that tries to bite a brush if you brush him (obviously a death harboring monster.), so he doesn’t get brushed as often as he needs, and he gets these little mats in his hair…and then I look like a bad mommy!  And he’s going to work with the husband one day next week (lord help those poor souls…the barking…THE BARKING!) so it’s just got to be done.  Luckily he had a bath just a few weeks ago after we went camping, so right now his mats are few and small…more like knots at this point.  I’m just happy his nails are still trimmed up for now.  A bath, he’s okay, even gives a light blow-drying a chance…but nail trimming?!  It’s a two-man job, armed with treats.  You wouldn’t think 13lbs of doggy would be so much trouble. *Aww but we love him so much he’s no trouble at all! :D*

So I’m hoping to get some of that quilt sewn together.  Halfway done with the chevron side, if I can just pump up the volume and really crack down, I can get it all sewn together….maybe tonight!  Which would blow my mind…and then I’d be like “well, that escalated quickly” and then would need to start laying things around and finding space and shooing Al from stomping on my quilt…then start the pinning and the trimming…and the plotting…. 😀

Well, I’ll have an update either tomorrow….or Monday.  Until then, I leave you with this little gem.  This is Al’s little “friend” Crinkle Weenie.  He’s had him almost his whole life!


…Happy Weekend everyone!

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