Weekend Update

This weekend there has been sewing!  But not as much as I would have liked.  I got in there and it just was not happening.   I did get a square quilted.


Here’s my progress so far.  It just turned into more of a monster than I was prepared for.  While this doesn’t seem like a lot, there was a lot of flipping and rolling and I even moved my sewing machine to try to tackle it better.  Finally I decided that I needed to stop and come back later.

Saturday we went out in the lake.  We got a new spot but it was a lot rockier than I am used to and I started feeling sea sick.  But Al and my husband had a great time!


Al has a think for fishing.  He gets really excited when we start reeling in.


He feels the need to inspect each fish before they’re thrown back.  He’s everyone’s helper in our house.

Later we watched Oz the Great and Powerful, my husband hasn’t been as excited about seeing it as I have been, but he figured it would make me feel better.  And it did! 🙂  It was a little more friendly than expected but it was great.

I may get back in there later and try to quilt more, but for now I’m going to recap on TrueBlood before the season premiere tonight!

Until next time, happy quilting!

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