Ermegerd! I feel like a time traveler!

It’s literally gone from Wednesday to Monday in the blink of an eye!  Thursday went by pretty smoothly,  and Friday there was a lot of cleaning.  Saturday we had everyone over to our house and grilled out.  My sewing exploits were a big hit, which makes me happy.  A little while after me and the husband went fishing.  Sadly, a rod broke and the depth  finder died, but that just means a trip to bass pro shops.  I think my husband likes going there as much as I enjoy going to Hobby Lobby.

Sunday I finally got some sewing time.  I had my little helper hanging out…of course.


He was helping chose the next square to quilt…right?  I got the four corners quilted as well as the two in between two corners.  It has been a monster!  All this flipping and rolling and twisting and turning.  Now I see why people get those big machines.

I’m hoping to get some momentum swinging in the right direction tonight and sew more.  If I can just finish the quilting.  If only…at least this guy is waiting for me to finish.


Until next time!

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