The things they don’t tell you

I remember the first time I sewed anything.  I remember fixing a doll pillow when I was less than ten years old.  Maybe I was five or so…but I thought it was so fun…then we had to test the strength!  It held up just fine, but it was so simple.  I also remember sewing Barbie clothes…and by clothes I mean a tube that could fit over her curves…somehow.  And once again, so very simple.  Just thread, cloth, a needle.  Nothing to extensive.

Now that I’m older, sewing seems to much more complex.  There’s all this measuring and ironing.  IRONING.  This is how I feel when it comes times to iron.


There is SO much ironing.  You have to iron, cut, maybe iron again…sew…then iron again…then sew again then IRON again…then later you’re going to iron a few more times!

I don’t remember ironing Barbie’s clothes.  Or that doll pillow!  But last night, I made some coasters.  These are very simple, just two pieces of a charm pack with some of that…stuff…I can’t think of what it’s called right now…in the middle to give it some absorbance and some stiffness.  And it’s really easy, just sew together, snip corners, flip inside out, bla bla.  I have to iron it 3 times….and that’s one with no label!  THREE TIMES!  For a SQUARE!

And that steam burns my hands!  My poor little hands!

What else don’t they tell you….how fabric wiggles and makes your straight line kind of askew.  And it’s not noticeable until it’s too late.  Then what are you going to do, take out that entire seam?!  Oh my GOD!  It took what feels like an eternity to get from one end to the other!  And when you’re back sewing, how come sometimes it just goes a little off to the side?  What’s up with that!

Well, that’s all behind us now.  It’s Friday, and nothing can be bad on a Friday!  I’m planning on quilting more when I get home.  It’s on my “to do list” at the very top, ‘Do some sewing!!!’ and it’s marked urgent!  I mean, if that’s not motivation enough! 🙂

Happy weekend everyone!

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