Well I almost made it back to the quilt :)

I couldn’t help it.  I got a request for some comic book coasters and I had something to use this Captain America and Avengers fabric I’d bought, so that’s what I did instead.  I’ll get back to sewing on the quilts soon.  I may get some in tonight or tomorrow.  I’m going back home to see my family for a day or so, so I’ll be away from my sweet sewing room.  I will have you know when I walk in, those strips just waiting there, wanting to be sewn and make an entire quilt top, they haunt me!  They just look at me like hey…you were supposed to be done with us months ago!

But…little things distract me.  Here’s the coasters I made, and I think are totally awesome!




Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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