Working, toiling, plotting

Happy Friday everyone!

I know I fell off the map for a few weeks, but here I am!  Just as chipper as ever!  I’ve been working on a few little things here and there, trying to finish things up!  I have GOT to get more listings in my shop, and to list things I have to make things!  (it’s just the way it works)

I’d like to start by saying that I’ve completed the top for the chevron quilt!  It’s marvelous!  Well, I say completed, but now I’m thinking I want to add a border.  It’s 58″ x 72″ and I want it just a little bigger.  But the good news is the real pain in the butt part is done!  All those little squares, they’re all together.  One big happy family.  And they look so fancy!


I’m SO HAPPY this is done!!!

My sister-in-law asked about some owls for my nephew’s daycare and a pillow for my nephew when he goes to daycare.  I decided trying to make a pattern I already have larger would be more difficult than just making a new one.  I got started on one of the owls, and wouldn’t you know it I ran out of stuffing!  I did get him completed though.  He’s just a cute little bugger.


I made him using Simply Color by V & Co

Now, I’ve started on a “quick quilt” (or at least I’m telling myself that) that I’m excited about.  I’m using a jelly roll, and basically just sewing all the strips together and then I’m going to cut out a section and flip it.  I think that it’ll be super cool.  I already know I’ll have to put some sort of border on it, but I think I’ve got that figured out, too.


I’ve already got the purple pieces sewn together 😀

The weather has been fantastic lately!  Very un-August in the South.  It’s barely gotten into the 90’s all Summer!!!  Unheard of!!!

Well, until next time!  Happy sewing everyone!


Al would rather I not sew and just let him sit in my lap all day.

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