All that work….going on hold.

This weekend started out on SUCH a high note.  I was done quilting the chevron quilt, I was getting ready to bind it, very excited.  Well I’ve only ever used a binding that I’d made myself, so first time using store bought binding.  It was much easier to maneuver, that’s for sure.  I did make a few mistakes that looking back seem obvious.  I didn’t sew the ends of my binding together (what was I thinking?!) but it’s alright.  I was having a really difficult time keeping the binding from trying to get away.  I had to rip out the seams a few times and resew.   So then, it was all bound!  All I had to do was wash and dry and bam!  Ready to go!


Then I got it out of the washer and see that at least three spots in my seams  had broken and I had holes.  I thought okay, it’s not a deal breaker, I can sew them back once it’s dry.  I’m not sure if it was a seam size issue (there seems to be at least 1/4″ of material left, there is shrinkage but the seams do look even.) or if it was a weak thread issue.  The thread I used for those seams is cotton but I’m not sure how old it is or anything like that.  I started hand sewing the seams back together, and it was going fine.  The part that started to get to me was after I’d fixed what I thought was 2/3 holes, I found 2 more holes.  So then I look at these holes, and both of the seams had come apart where there is quilting.  In order to fix those, I’d have to rip out the quilting, fix the holes, then quilt again.  Then I noticed my binding.  There were parts that were fine, then there were parts that were absolutely awful.  So now I’m going to have to rebind as well.


To say I was devastated may be an understatement.  I know that everything will be fine, and right now I just need to leave it alone and work on something else, and come back to it once I’m not so upset.  For now, I’m done crying over it, and I’m just going to work on finishing *finally* quilting that big brown quilt, and binding it.

One thought on “All that work….going on hold.

  1. oh; I know that frustration. It happened to me on a quilt I made for my granddaughter – a one block wonder….I was sick. I took the whole quilt apart to do the repairs. Now, before I give a quilt away, I wash and dry it, and do a thorough inspections. It would be terribly embarrasing if a gift comes apart.

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