Good Saturday morning!

While I would like to be at home, sewing and working away, I’m sitting at Midas getting a much needed oil change, and having them check out some sounds.

I’m using my time to plot and toil on what I’ll do (or at least what I’m planning to do) once I get home.  I know football will dominate my living room, so I’ll hopefully get my superman quilt top finished up.  I’m trying to decide what to do the back in.  I think I want to use red minky fabric, just so it will be snuggly for Caleb.  I’m also thinking if I want to add more length to the quilt.  But until I get home, it’s all in the air.

I’ve also been thinking about trading in my Nintendo DS lite for a 3DS.  I know, how random.  But, I really like playing Pokemon, and there is a new one out now…and it’s going to eat at me!  I don’t think my DS is worth much to gamestop, but it means a lot to me.  My husband bought it for me while we were dating and bought me Nintendogs because I wanted a dog so badly and we couldn’t really do that at the time.  It was so sweet, and it makes me really want to just keep it forever, but that’s a problem I have.  I get attached to things and I think I’ll be a hoarder before too long.  I do it with fabrics too!

Anyhow, I’ll be home sewing away as soon as I’m done here.

What do you guys  think about the quilt back? Cotton vs minky?

Have a great weekend!

Ps: my breakfast companion


3 thoughts on “Good Saturday morning!

  1. I love the feel of Minky….soft and cuddly!! I’ve never used it before, so don’t know if it is hard to work with – slippery etc. You will never be sorry if you add a little extra length to the quilt…little boys grow up pretty fast.

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