Time to Bust out Wool Socks and Boots!

It’s snowing in Nashville this morning!  You must understand how much of a shock this is to me.  I’m from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The first time I saw snow I was 7 years old, and I didn’t see it again for over 10 years…once I moved to Greenville, South Carolina.  The first time I saw snow, it was “the blizzard of ’93” and it was magical.  My whole family made snow men.  We even made one that seemed to be 7 feet tall!  Keep in mind, I’m only 5’2″ now as a “fully grown adult” so I may have been only around 3 feet tall at the time…possibly.  Another fun note, it was in January or February when it snowed.  So here we are, it’s the second full week of November, and it’s snowing now?!  Completely ridiculous. *cough cough climate change*

In other news…I have been neglecting my sewing.  YES, I said it!  It’s been one of those out-of-sight-out-of-mind things.  I cleaned up my sewing room before my mom came to town, and now it’s tidy in there…and I know once I get in there it’s just going to be a cluster-cuss of bits of thread and unrecognizable snippets of fabric.  But besides that, I got my Nintendo 3DS…and my husband convinced me to go ahead and play my new Pokemon X game.  Okay, believe it or not it took a lot more convincing than it should have.  Also, my husband and I joined The Y this weekend after much contemplation.  I went last night for my first Zumba class and oh my goodness.  I’ve never felt so rhythmically challenged.  But I muddled my way through it!  And it was a lot of fun!  I plan on going back on Wednesday.  I planned on going home and sewing once I finished Zumba last night, but once I got home I was starving (and sweaty and gross!)….and Jaws was on…so I didn’t really have a choice.  Chili dogs and beans were served.


Ooooh….so shiny!


Yes, tidy.

So since I am not going to work out today, I am determined to go into that sewing room and not come out until I finish up my little Superman quilt!  It is literally stitches away from being finished and it is so precious.  And it’s going to such a precious little guy, I need to get it finished already!  I spent a good portion of the day looking up “sewing inspiration” on Pinterest.  I wish it would have worked a little better…but I’m going to get in there tonight and get to business.  Heck maybe I’ll even get started on my Facebook Giveaway goody.  I have it in my head, I just need to get it going.


Finish me please.

AND! (Yes even more news!)  I’m going to my first quilting guild meeting this weekend.  Is there anything I should be prepared to do or be prepared for?  Should I bring something?  They have a show and tell, but I’m nervous.  I’m generally nervous about going to new places and meeting new people.  Also I’m going to need to actually finish something up if I want to bring something to show and tell. *GASP* finish something?!  who does that?!

By the way, once I reach 100 likes on my Facebook page I’m having a giveaway, so if you don’t like it already, go ahead and get in the mix!

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

3 thoughts on “Time to Bust out Wool Socks and Boots!

  1. I am so glad you came to the guild meeting! And then the next one, where you made out awesome in the Dirty Santa. 🙂 See you in January.

    P.S. I am *extremely* nervous about going new places and meeting new people.

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