Well I know one person who needs to stay off the internet today!

ME! Hah!  I mean, I see things to buy, but they’re mostly for me! Where is my Christmas spirit?! I’m the Grinch, I knew it!  It’s okay, I have an easy bunch.  Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving?  Boxing day?  Black Friday?  Maybe even a Gray Thursday?


In other news, I got a stomach bug on Friday…well it hit me Friday, I’m thinking I got it on Thursday…so instead of putting on holiday pounds I took off about 7 (even after finally getting rehydrated and eating solid foods again) in the least healthy way possible.  But, hey, it’s gone, so, can I really complain?


I had a Fabric Friday post, but I didn’t feel right for most of the day, so it didn’t get posted.  But I got my lovely Bluebird Park jelly roll and Kona aqua blue in from Quilt Taffy on Etsy.  I can’t explain how much I love this Bluebird Park fabric.  It’s literally classy and cute all together.


Okay, I don’t have much else to report.

I am having my own cyber Monday sale, free shipping on everything! Then I need to remember to add shipping back tomorrow….!

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Happy sewing everyone!

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