Good new year to you! (okay so I missed a week, better late than never!)

So last night I was supposed to be watching the National Championship game but…I didn’t have a side I particularly wanted to win.  I hate Auburn, (I mean c’mon, Aubs eat boogers! 😉 ) and Florida State…blegh.  So instead I went to my sewing room and quilted the outside of my next bag.  I thought about doing a “tour of my sewing room” blog post…but I got distracted by sewing.  I mean, that’s a thing, right? 😀


Don’t trust Distraction Ducks.


I will probably do one of those before too much longer.  Just because…it’s nothing spectacular to the naked eye.  Just a little slice of heaven to me.


So I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to start complaining about being so hot I can’t stand it.  This below 10 degrees mess is for the birds…well wait no they fly south for the winter…they must be flying WAY down south this year because I live in the south!  And it’s stupid cold!  STUPID COLD!  I think that’s a real term used by meteorologists.


This is ENTIRELY accurate. I have lived in the south my entire life and I still don’t know why we’re supposed to get milk and bread…but I do it anyway!

Enough with the small talk, how are your years starting out so far?  I’ve been hitting the gym a lot, well, as much as I can.  I went New Years day for a special class session, and I ended up pulling some hammies (yes, just like that little Cheez-it cracker says) so I “sat out” for a couple of days.  I’m okay now, but this stupid weather is really killing it.  When I leave the gym I’m usually covered in a layer of sweat, so going out in 6 degree weather (or colder!) with that and wet hair, less than desirable.  I’ve also been doing a little organizing and sewing.  You would think I made a whole bunch of new year resolutions (or….revolutions! Hah!  oh tv…) but I didn’t.  I just had some time on my hands and did what I could with it.

I actually went through my fabric drawers and kind of situated my stash a little better.  I put all my scraps in ziplock bags, put all my “yard or so” pieces together, put my flannel together, my “future projects” together, and my FQ’s (or close enough to a FQ) together.  It’s been a daunting project that really needed to be taken care of, and finally was!  I wish I would have taken before and after pictures.  It’s amazing.  Now if someone would actually buy me that P-touch labeler that I’ve been wanting since, before I had a need for one, I would be able to label my drawers and they actually would look super organized.  I had to move some things around in there; my drawers are those plastic drawers, and they’re in a little closet, and the thinner one was on the floor facing the door, which is the folding to either side kind of French doors.  Well the drawers are JUST deep enough that I couldn’t open the drawer all the way.  So after some rearranging, I can now fully open my little drawers.  It’s the little victories!  I feel like I can’t go into too much detail if I’m going to do a sewing room tour post….so that’s all you get for now!


I did “rediscover” some fabric I’d bought probably a year ago, and I’m trying to decide if it’ll work with this bag I’m making now.  What do you guys think?  I’m not entirely sold, but I’m not entirely convinced it doesn’t….”go”.  Let me know what you guys think.  I may end up doing the lining and handles and pockets in a light cream color if I can’t convince myself this 100% goes together.  Anyway, until next time!!!

Happy sewing!

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