Why Pinterest may be the devil.

Author’s Note: I only say may be the devil. Not 100% convinced this is true because I have found great meatloaf and crock pot bbq chicken recipes.


Welcome to the window of INADEQUACIES!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted an article which, I really laughed about, then it made me go hmm.  If you ever saw the episode of Southpark with the underpants gnomes, which I didn’t but I’ve heard enough that I get it, you know that they have no plan.

  • Step 1: Collect underpants
  • Step 2: …..
  • Step 3: PROFIT!

Now the article is actually about working out; you look up all these diet and workout plans, but never put them to use, and wonder why you don’t see results.  After reading it I realized I do the same thing about sewing, and it’s all Pinterest’s fault!  I go on there, I see these great ideas, I’m like “I can do that and put it in my store” so I pin them, but that’s usually where they stay.  They stay in my “sewing stuff”  board, and that’s the end of them.  I’m collecting underpants and expecting profit!


How can one little app have such an effect?

Another thing is, and I’ve had this happen to me a few times now and it gets worse every time, you find a pattern, you try it out and like it, then discover that it’s a licensed pattern and if you want to make it you’re going to need to buy this license.  I found a really cute “pattern” for this zipper pouch for earphones, it was just pictures, no words, but I figured it out well enough.  I was like great, I can totally do this and it’ll be a great little item for my store!  Go searching for it again (I forgot I pinned it) and what do you know, there it is, a full on pattern, and it’s licensed.  Now I’m sitting there thinking “Why should I  pay this person $10 if I just found this on Pinterest and figured it out myself?” which, is just my angry greedy side talking.  I’ll end up paying the $10 because I don’t want to be sued.  Nothing puts a damper on things like being sued.



I’ve also read some articles about Pinterest making stay-at-home moms and dads feel inadequate because they aren’t making their child’s first birthday a 100% pinterest-inspired, homemade (and looks amazing) party.  Or their dinners just aren’t meeting the pinner’s standards.  And oh no, they printed out the “clean your house in 5 days and keep it clean forever” list, but it just isn’t working!  It’s really putting this pressure on these people who was never there before.  “Oh you got a cake at Publix, I really like their frosting” was normal party conversation, instead it’s now “I saw on Pinterest you can make your own buttercream frosting and it’s fat-free and it makes your children grow up perfect”.  Okay maybe that buttercream frosting isn’t out there…yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  For creative juices that need flowing, I love Pinterest.  For when I need a laugh, I’m sure someone will be sending me some hilarious ecard or something.  Need to know how to do a quick fix around the house?  Pinterest will probably have 80 million options.  When I’m at work, not so much.  It’s so distracting!  It’s even more distracting that the drama that IS Facebook.  Candy Crush can’t even keep me captivated as long as Pinterest, okay?!  It also kind of gets the creative juices flowing to a point that they’re a waterfall.  “I need to make bleach outlined profile t-shirts of my favorite logos!” “I must put tiny screw things in the back of plastic animals and make them into painted key chains!” “I have to make a OctoNauts themed birthday party banner!” (Ashley, you don’t even have children, why do you need a banner? why don’t I need a banner?!)

I think we all need some time limits on Pinterest.  Sort of like how there used to be time limits on our old AOL.  Ah yes, when the internet came from a CD…those were the days! 🙂

Anyway….here’s a little sneak peek at my next bag I’m working on.  I’m hoping this process will speed up my bag production.


Aww yeeaa!!! Gettin fancy with some stippling! 😀

Until next time! Happy sewing!

The Danger that IS Sewing and Quilting!


Okay this is one of those “this will never happen to me” situations.  I’ve giggled at my sewing machine’s manual with all its warnings that say “or you may be injured”.  I have heard of people using rotary cutters and nicking and slicing (OUCH!) fingers and hands.  I’ve read about people sewing over their fingers!  Needles in fingers, ER visits, all of it!!  I have just been over here saying “well it’s a good thing I’m never going to be injured while sewing!  Because I’m overly careful and worry!”


No avoiding it. You’re risking your life any time you sit down to sew.

Famous. Last. Words.

On Sunday, February 9th I was in the shower, because I’m a human and I shower, and all of a sudden, I pulled a muscle.  It was as if my arm and shoulder just fused together and my head wouldn’t move.  It was not fun at all.  I do not recommend it.  So, I decided it was best to cool it or at least tone it down for my exercise.  I go to zumba and step aerobics at my local YMCA a lot of days of the week.  I started to feel like I was on the mend, and I went to step again, and everything was fine until we started to stretch and I felt like my arm was trying to pull itself off of my body.  I invested in a hot water bottle, which is amazing by the way.  It’s not like one of those heated pads with beads or seeds or corn inside.  This sucker is hot, and when one side starts to cool, you flip it and somehow the other side is still hot!  I don’t know what kind of magic it’s using but I love it.

My quilt guild meeting was on Saturday the 15th, and I was really excited because we were having a free-motion quilting lesson.  I have dabbled in free-motioning, and I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos.  I mean, a lot…of YouTube videos.  So an actual in person lesson and “how to” was what I felt was the final step I needed.  I was very pleased!  I think for a first real effort at stippling I did pretty well.  Other times I’d made a little flower, and I’ve written my name in sort of cursive.  I knew loading and unloading my machine in my little rolly tote wouldn’t be so great on my shoulder, but it would surely be fine, right?


Pretty little FM-flower!


Sort of cursive Ashley!

WRONG.  Sunday morning I woke up and it was much worse.  I stayed on the hot water bottle a lot.  I have figured out what it was that has rekindled the injury.  When you free-motion, you move the fabric around, and the way I did it I think I rotated and moved my shoulder too much for the situation it’s been in.  I haven’t really been able to sew much either, simply because it hurt so badly to move my arm for more than a few minutes at a time.

But not all hope is lost!  It’s been almost a full two weeks since the initial injury, and I would say I’m at 97% this morning.  My biggest pains lately have been when I look to the left, but now even that has subsided greatly.

This week, was also my birthday! YES!  I love my birthday!  Everyone saying happy birthday to me!  I get things!  Okay I love getting things, I think I may have mentioned that before…I like when people even say they want to give me things…but then actually getting things is probably the best thing ever!!!!  So, for my birthday this year I got something so awesome, SO AMAZING!!  When I sew, I like to jam out.  I mean, I kind of blare my music to where you can hear it all over the house, and my husband is like uh, can you turn it down?  So then I use my kitty ear headphones, which were another birthday present from either last year or the year before, and are amazing and cute and I love them and they’re from Japan!!!!  Well, the only problem is when I use my headphones I’m tethered.  I have this cord hanging between me and my phone, so I put my phone on my sewing table but then my arm fights with it while sewing, so I put my phone in my pocket and this and that and the other and it’s kind of a big cat-astrophe. (you get it? because they’re kitty headphones?! YES!)  So, I have been thinking about these bluetooth speakers.  My husband thought the same thing, and bam!  I have the CUTEST little bluetooth speaker, and while it is small, it is LOUD!  I recommend it highly.  It’s a Logitech mini boom, it’s maybe 4″x3″ or so, but it is SO loud!!!  Which, I love…I can’t listen to Kanye and Pink Floyd and Jewel (yes, all of them) on a medium to low-level.  When I go HAM, jam out to Money, or even get a little emotional singing Adrian, it needs to be loud!!! (If you don’t know what going HAM is, just know it’s an explicit version of going hard.)  And…we can’t leave out the “it’s all coming back to me now” karaoke sessions that are obviously going on in my sewing room.

Gettin my sew on!!

Gettin my sew on!!


The single best thing ever. ❤

I hope you’re all having a lovely week as well!

Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Valentine’s, Galentine’s, Palentine’s?

Is there a Palentine’s day?  Like, a guy version of Galentine’s day?  It kind of makes me think of Chancellor Palpatine….before he went all dark side…well openly…anyways…I don’t think that there is a Palentine’s day because I don’t think most guys really care about Valentine’s day to begin with, and they already are freaking out about getting whoever they’re dating/married to/(what else is there?) something fancy or sweet.  They don’t want to get something fancy or sweet for their friends like girls do.  Which is why I’m pretty sure there are Valentine’s and Galentine’s, but probably not Palentine’s.

Anyway! 😀

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!  I wanted to write about things that I love today (and every other day because I’m just a lovey dovey mush bug) AND what I’m working on.

First, I love my sweet husband.  His name is Dax, and he is just the most precious person I’ve ever met.  Sure, sometimes he has this serial killer look and you’re pretty sure he is going to murder everyone that’s in the way in the Shoney’s buffet line, but it just adds to the charm! (ok I can’t even say that without laughing, but it’s true)  For every angry look there is, there is an equally sweet, lovey and cute action.  He’s just the best, I could go on for days, but I’ll just leave it at that.

Here we are, lookin fancy!!!!

Here we are, looking fancy!!!!

Secondly…is my sweet baby puppy, Al!!!  He’s our miniature long-hair dachshund.  Al just turned three this New Year’s Eve, and he is just the best little guy.  He does have some special needs, but he doesn’t let anything slow him down.  He is always willing to lick you, the chair you’re sitting in, the floor next to you…your pillow…okay he licks everything and we can’t figure out why.  Literally, little wet spots on the floor from excessive licking.  I’ve asked him if he has doggy ADHD…but he refuses to answer the question.  He also loves to try to take anything he can reach.  Socks from a basket, a sandwich on the coffee table, batting scraps from my scraps bin….BUT HE’S SO CUTE WHEN HE DOES IT YOU CAN’T STAY MAD AT HIM OMG!


Oh, you’re eating breakfast? I’m going to sit where I can look at both of you and wait until one of you offers me bacon…because I know it is going to happen. GIVE ME BACONS!

Thirdly…….!!!! Is my little Pink Brother.  Okay I know, so silly.  (or…SEW SILLY! HAHA!)  I had a hand me down Singer sewing machine, and it was just awful.  It was a complete monster and it wanted to eat fabric and bang and clank and it was downright embarrassing to sew in my own house!  I finally got fed up and bought a new sewing machine.  I did some research, read reviews, you know, all the grown up pre-purchase things.  Then it was down to two.  XL2600I or XL2610, I ended up with XL2610 and I love it.

Anyhow!  I know the anticipation is building up on what I’ve been working on.  So here’s some pics from last night.

quilting away!

quilting away!


more quilting!


Love birds!!


All done!

Also!  Here is the bag I finished up and sold this week!  Thanks, Katie!

What's red, white and awesome all over?  THIS BAG!

What’s red, white and awesome all over? THIS BAG!

Happy Sewing everyone!  And happy Val-Gal-Palnentine’s day!

I sold out.

Okay, just a little bit.

I know I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I hail from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The land of Champions.  Home of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  Yes, that Tuscaloosa.  So I think it would go without saying that I am a huge Alabama fan.  I can’t help but to bleed crimson and white. (wait blood isn’t white!?  I should probably get that checked out) But…I did something unthinkable.  Something so awful….

I made this bag.



Yes, I know, okay?  I.  KNOW.  It’s so much orange.  Orange, being the color of enemies all around.  I mean look, Auburn, Florida, TENNESSEE…..all orange clad.  Living in Tennessee now I have to see this eye burning color all the time.  Plastered on cars with their little T’s in their windows, t-shirts, commercials, it’s everywhere.  It stings the eyes!

But…at least two of my bosses went to the University of Tennessee.  And one of them saw one of my bags, and asked if I would make a UT one for his wife.  At first, I thought “oh my GOD WHAT?!” but then he said he would pay extra since he knows I don’t like UT.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all it took.  I agreed, and within a weeks time I delivered the bag.

This story is far from over though, let me tell YOU!

I had to go get this fabric, because hello why in the world would I have all that orange in my sewing room?  I wouldn’t!  I have houndstooth and University of Alabama block prints and sailboats (okay they are not UA related…but they’re too cute not to mention) fabrics…just to name a few.


So there I am in Hobby Lobby, arms full of this…ORANGE….and I’m literally starting to sweat.  *Mind you, it’s barely been above freezing a couple of times for a few weeks now, I started to wonder what my body was even doing.*  Then this woman said to me “We were starting to wonder if they were out of UT fabric, then we saw your big orange stash!”

I quickly informed her that I don’t like UT…and this was for a specific project for someone else.

But that was only the beginning.

I got this all home, cut up and divvied up, and started to work.  While working on this bag my sewing machine grew angry at me.  I only wish that I were kidding.  There was this awful clunking sound, which I think I have fixed with a quick cleaning, but it still scares me…I broke a needle.  YES.  A practically brand new needle, too!  A seam didn’t hold through the wash and I had to go back and resew!  I had to sew one of the handles twice.  TWICE.  These handles are not very fun to mess with in the first place.  So to have to do them any more than you have to is maddening.  My batting for some reason, (which, by the way, had not done this on any of the previous bags I’ve made using this batting) decided to become as itchy as insulation!!!  It was okay after I washed it, but it, along with all the orange, was literally burning (or at least stinging) my hands.  Basically anything and everything that could have gone wrong here, did.  Is that the University of Alabama Gods (aka Nick Saban, haha!) looking down on me in disappointment?  Punishing me for making this bag?!  Well, as greedy as I am, I’m accepting my punishment because I got more for that bag that I normally charge.  My only fear is that more people will see that UT bag and want me to make more…*sigh*


I have decided that I need to make things right again in the world, and I ordered enough Alabama fabric for at least six bags.


Until next time, Happy sewing everyone!