Why Pinterest may be the devil.

Author’s Note: I only say may be the devil. Not 100% convinced this is true because I have found great meatloaf and crock pot bbq chicken recipes.


Welcome to the window of INADEQUACIES!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted an article which, I really laughed about, then it made me go hmm.  If you ever saw the episode of Southpark with the underpants gnomes, which I didn’t but I’ve heard enough that I get it, you know that they have no plan.

  • Step 1: Collect underpants
  • Step 2: …..
  • Step 3: PROFIT!

Now the article is actually about working out; you look up all these diet and workout plans, but never put them to use, and wonder why you don’t see results.  After reading it I realized I do the same thing about sewing, and it’s all Pinterest’s fault!  I go on there, I see these great ideas, I’m like “I can do that and put it in my store” so I pin them, but that’s usually where they stay.  They stay in my “sewing stuff”  board, and that’s the end of them.  I’m collecting underpants and expecting profit!


How can one little app have such an effect?

Another thing is, and I’ve had this happen to me a few times now and it gets worse every time, you find a pattern, you try it out and like it, then discover that it’s a licensed pattern and if you want to make it you’re going to need to buy this license.  I found a really cute “pattern” for this zipper pouch for earphones, it was just pictures, no words, but I figured it out well enough.  I was like great, I can totally do this and it’ll be a great little item for my store!  Go searching for it again (I forgot I pinned it) and what do you know, there it is, a full on pattern, and it’s licensed.  Now I’m sitting there thinking “Why should I  pay this person $10 if I just found this on Pinterest and figured it out myself?” which, is just my angry greedy side talking.  I’ll end up paying the $10 because I don’t want to be sued.  Nothing puts a damper on things like being sued.



I’ve also read some articles about Pinterest making stay-at-home moms and dads feel inadequate because they aren’t making their child’s first birthday a 100% pinterest-inspired, homemade (and looks amazing) party.  Or their dinners just aren’t meeting the pinner’s standards.  And oh no, they printed out the “clean your house in 5 days and keep it clean forever” list, but it just isn’t working!  It’s really putting this pressure on these people who was never there before.  “Oh you got a cake at Publix, I really like their frosting” was normal party conversation, instead it’s now “I saw on Pinterest you can make your own buttercream frosting and it’s fat-free and it makes your children grow up perfect”.  Okay maybe that buttercream frosting isn’t out there…yet.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  For creative juices that need flowing, I love Pinterest.  For when I need a laugh, I’m sure someone will be sending me some hilarious ecard or something.  Need to know how to do a quick fix around the house?  Pinterest will probably have 80 million options.  When I’m at work, not so much.  It’s so distracting!  It’s even more distracting that the drama that IS Facebook.  Candy Crush can’t even keep me captivated as long as Pinterest, okay?!  It also kind of gets the creative juices flowing to a point that they’re a waterfall.  “I need to make bleach outlined profile t-shirts of my favorite logos!” “I must put tiny screw things in the back of plastic animals and make them into painted key chains!” “I have to make a OctoNauts themed birthday party banner!” (Ashley, you don’t even have children, why do you need a banner? why don’t I need a banner?!)

I think we all need some time limits on Pinterest.  Sort of like how there used to be time limits on our old AOL.  Ah yes, when the internet came from a CD…those were the days! 🙂

Anyway….here’s a little sneak peek at my next bag I’m working on.  I’m hoping this process will speed up my bag production.


Aww yeeaa!!! Gettin fancy with some stippling! 😀

Until next time! Happy sewing!

18 thoughts on “Why Pinterest may be the devil.

  1. That was a great read. I don’t spend any time at all on Pinterest — Pinterest is only where I send things, I don’t mine it — but OMG Instagram. I am doing nothing all day but collecting underpants since I started IG. I’m getting ready to have to quit, I’m serious. I wish my phone would lock me out.

    P.S. Seriously admiring your stitches. They look incredible.

    • Instagram also gets me collecting underpants. And making me feel inadequate! I keep thinking “where do they find the time?! they stayed up til MIDNIGHT sewing?! I can’t stay up past 10pm!!” I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog 🙂

  2. It’s a darn good thing they don’t charge by the minute for Pinterest or Facebook or Word Press….because I would go broke. Thank goodness I have avoided Instagram….and only get on TWITTER when I want to see what is happening in Africa….where did I write the password down…..and why is the house dirty…wait….it’s because my lead butt is stuck in a chair, in front of the computer….giggle…. 😉

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  4. What a funny post! And true. I finally created a Pinterest account, which I use very sparingly. A week or so ago I came across a Crochet board that had 10,215 items. REALLY?! In who’s lifetime would a person be able to use that–the Biblical patriarchs?!

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