Recapping and Recovering

Last week seems to be a blur to me.  That’s odd, right?  I knew it.  I’ll give you a little recap just so you know that I wasn’t dead.  Because believe it or not I was alive the whole time! *Note to reader*  If you don’t know me personally, I would like to give you this visual.  Whenever I use quotation marks, there is probably a 90% chance I’m saying whatever is in quotations like Dr. Evil.


There was a storm of sorts.  I wouldn’t really call it a “snowstorm”, it was mostly just ice, but I really wouldn’t call it an ice storm.  I mean yes, there was ice, and cars sliding all over the roads.  I still managed to get up and get to work only 30 minutes late. (okay it was 15-20 minutes later than I normally arrive at work) I just sputtered along slowly in the seemingly clear roads, well clear of cars anyway.  When I got in, there were only a few cars in the parking lot, and not many of the other offices seemed to be open.  I knew my bosses would be there, because hey, we don’t take off days for things.  By the end of the day there were only about 7 of us, which was way more than anticipated. Four out of five bosses, me, and a couple of engineers.  Not a lot happened, the phones barely rang, I took advantage and caught up all my work that has been piling up for some reason, and just needed a day like Monday to get it all back on track.  Then I sputtered home and decided it was not a good day for going to the gym.


The weather wasn’t a whole lot better (apparently/supposedly) on the northern half of town, so a few more people showed up to work, but others still were stuck at home.  I listened to my counterpart telling me how she wasn’t going to risk it coming to work Monday, her husband wasn’t going in so she wasn’t either, on and on, turned into a mini rant, I just wanted to go back to my desk to get working.  I went home, and decided again, not a good day for the gym.  I decided it was a good day to test out a couple of small projects that I’ve wanted to try but for some reason kept putting off.


  I got a really bad headache.  One of the kinds you can’t lift your head all the way.  Had to stop sewing and watched…something, I can’t remember what it was, maybe a movie?  Then went to bed.


The headache had not dissipated in the least.  It had gotten to that “keep one eye closed” level of headache.  Now, mind you, I have had the same headache for years.  Like probably more than 10 years.  It’s always the same spot, the same debilitating pain, and it really freaks me out.  I’ve had a scan and apparently it’s naught a toomah *Kindergarten Cop* but my head just hates me sometimes.  I went in to work anyway, even though I was pretty sure at any moment I was going to die.  I also  had…some lady issues going on, so it was a mega double whammy.  One or the other, sure I can suck it up and everything will be fine.  Together?!  No thanks!  I’m done!
I told my counterpart I wasn’t feeling well, I was going to work this morning to get the “need to be done” things done, then going home.  This was met with a sigh and an okay that sounded like I called in every day or something.  Then there was a rant about an hour or so later, which, hello, my head was trying to murder me, I didn’t have my pandora playing even, the pain, the pain!  Anyhow, the rant was about people not caring about work, calling in, staying home because of headaches (uhm, HELLO?!  Way to throw some shade!) and wearing jeans and sneakers (okay I don’t use the word sneakers, but she did.  Our work does not have a dress code.  They just ask you don’t wear flip flops or holey jeans.  And I take advantage and wear jeans and my ‘grandma slip on tennis shoes’ as much as possible. Which is what I am wearing while she is ranting.)  I don’t let that bother me, I work, go home, and I sleep for a long time.  When I woke up, I thought to myself “if I can’t even work a whole day I can’t justify going to the gym” and I didn’t.


I decided that I would dress nicely for work, to try and make peace I guess; I’m the baking soda to everyone else’s acid.  I like to neutralize the situation.  Wouldn’t you know it, my counterpart was not at work.  She had a death in the family, which, I knew she had been expecting, but is still never easy.  One of my bosses said something about me “looking sharp” and I kind of laughed, and I told him why.  I told him that it was just to be funny or making peace or something, not to be spiteful or anything.  Because it wasn’t!  He told me to have a  “casual Friday”…and that he didn’t care what anyone wore.  I flat out did not feel like going to the gym, what was taken out of the freezer for dinner had gotten freezer burn, and we ate taco bell instead. *sigh*


Aww yeeeaa!  Friday!  Okay, not a whole lot happened.  Work went by pretty smoothly, I wore jeans.  We go out to eat on Fridays, and we eat Mexican because it’s delicious and why wouldn’t you want to eat Mexican at least once a week?  That is about as eventful as things got Friday.


I was trying to think of things to do to keep myself busy, and I kept running out.  I did a load of laundry, (folded and everything!) and decided I didn’t want to do more.  I knew I needed to straighten up my sewing room, we were going to Sam’s at some point, but first I needed to go to the gym.  Hadn’t been all week, it just needed to happen.  So I did; I zumba’d my little heart out.  I got back home and felt all energized, but I still was running out of things to keep myself busy.  So…my husband made me a list.

Yes, he’s an adult.  He is so silly. 🙂  After my list was complete, we went to Sam’s, and then I poked around the house more.  It felt marvelous outside, and I do regret not spending more time outside, but I did go outside occasionally just to bask in the sun.  I’m 100% ready to start complaining about the heat.


I’d like to report a missing hour please!  We did pretty well keeping busy on Sunday.  I also decided it was way past time for me to start this quilt that I pinned on Pinterest *The Devil* MONTHS ago (27 weeks ago oh my) and never did.  I had all the fabric, I probably have the batting, what was I waiting for?  Nothing really.  So I got to cutting, and arranging, and rearranging, I then decided that the rainbow quilt needed to come down since I obviously am not going to finish it any time soon *sigh* and this cute little quilt needed to take it’s place.  I’ve gotten good “reviews” so far.

For some reason I tend to get things for projects, then they go on hold.  I have to do something else before I can do the things I want to do.  I don’t like that one bit.  I want to sew what I want to sew!  I also prepped a little project for my quilt guild meeting this Saturday.  I’m not making some huge thing.  I’m planning on a sort of seasonal wall hang…diamond thing.  Like a giant pot holder, only it’s not a pot holder, and you turn it for the seasons.  I figure I can hand sew this and even if it’s atrocious it’s just for fun to hang in my office.  I went to the gym Sunday afternoon, went home and ate half a pizza (I just roll like that..and my husband ate the other half) and then we watched enough tv to make up for any lack of tv watching that may have happened during the week. 😀

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

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