Super Cute Baby Quilt

I managed to finish up my baby quilt top before my quilt guild meeting on Saturday, and of course!  I was so happy we had show and tell!  And I got to show off my “hard work!”  Okay it wasn’t really hard at all; it was more ‘hey, just sit here and sew these little strips to these squares, stop doing other things.’  I love show and tell…in my head it’s intimidating and I’m like “holy crap, they are amazing and I just sewed some crap together” but in real life it’s like “oh wow we all sew and we’re all good.”

I’m excited because it’s starting to look like this quilt MAY ACTUALLY BE FINISHED!  Soon anyway.  I sandwiched my batting and backing, and I got all my quilting done, and now…I’ve got all my binding pinned on!!!  Oh yea, it’s getting pretty serious.  Binding is probably my least favorite part of making quilts, but I know once I get the hang of it that it will be just fine.  I’m also starting to think maybe I should just suck it up and make my own binding instead of buying those pre made, pre folded things of quilt binding.




Anyhow, I hope you guys are all having a nice week!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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