April showers bring…rain. Just rain! :D

So I wanted this blog to be a tutorial on quilted bags, but that may wait until next week.  I am very excited though because I finished my bag for myself!!


Love my bag 😀

It’s so cute!  And light!  And holds all my stuff!!  I’m in love with my precious bag!

Anyhow, I’m having a splendid day over here.  My friend bought one of my bags, which makes me very happy.  If you saw the blue and white bag on my etsy page, it is gone now!  Off to a happy home!  Don’t worry, I can make at least one more!  Maybe two, I can’t recall right off.  My eldest sister is coming to visit this weekend, so we’re planning a trip to the zoo and stuff with her kids.  So that’ll be fun too!

I’ve also been working on some Alabama bags for my shop.  If a certain little puppy would stop crying for me to stop sewing so he can just sit on me (yes, the struggle is real.) then it would have been finished two days ago.  All my parts are cut out, just waiting to be put together.  Anyhow, that’s really all that’s going on over here.  Just making bags, mentally trying to fix that quilt binding, trying to convince Al that I’m pulling his weight by selling bags so he doesn’t have to work.


“Oh, you want to sew?? I’m going to whimper and look at you with sad eyes until you stop.”


sneak peek! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!

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