When it rains…

So, if you follow me on Instagram (@sewfluffincute) I posted that I am not ignoring my blog, but that I’m not going to post until I finish these bags that I’ve been working on.  Well between fixing the house before we put it on the market (yippee finally happening very soon!) and still trying to get in a little gym time, and you know, that whole JOB thing (working, it’s for the birds. seriously!) I have had little snippets of sewing time.  Last night would have been a great time to get a big chunk of sewing done, probably even finish the last bag, but no.

I woke up yesterday with a weird foot pain, and it’s my sewing foot!  Okay that sounded funny…it’s my right foot and the foot I press my…step? what is that thing called?  The pedal for my machine…with.  It just kept getting worse all day and by the time I got home I was hobbling around looking downright pitiful.  Needless to say, I did not make it to zumba last night, either.  I have no idea what is going on, it feels like a bruise, but I am not quite sure where it has come from, and it looks fine.  It probably is just my foot trying to get me to sit still or something.

So I’ve taken advantage of this “down time” by finally starting on this little project for my husband.  I have been wanting to make him something for his office for a while now, and he said you could make a quote I could put in there.  ‘Alright, sounds easy enough, I’ll just embroider it’ well that turned out just awful.  Just terrible.  Then I thought ‘maybe I can try and use my sewing machine’ okay that was a big ole no.  Just a heaping pile of nope.  Then it hit me, ‘cross stitching, I don’t think I can mess that up…too terribly’.  The only problem I saw was that hand work typically doesn’t mix well with my tiny sweaty hands.  I don’t know why my hands sweat as much as they do but they do and it’s gross.  A few of the ladies in my guild do cross stitch and it just looks so clean and neat, and I thought okay, I can do that.  So I picked up some adia, grabbed my seemingly abandoned embroidery thread, and got to work.


What even is this…I saw a video that suggested starting in the middle? nope.

I first thought “I should try a little practice piece” which turned out to be a good idea because that first letter was an e and it looked like I wrote it with my non-dominant hand.  After I got the hang of it, this has turned out to be so much fun.  It’s so clean and precise; I absolutely love it.  I at least have something that I can play with after my sewing room gets packed up and away…which I’m still not entirely looking forward to.


Much better. And it looks so 8-bit. So cute. ❤

Anyhow, I hope you’re all having a nice week!  Sorry to not post last week, but I am down to the last bag and it’s over halfway finished, so soon enough I’ll be back to regularly posting!  Until moving gets in the way…again… 😀


Al is already fed up with talks of moving.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

P.S.  This quote is:

“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

-Thomas Edison

I have another quote to work on as well:

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

-Winston Churchill

Class of 2004 and Winning at life

Yep, there we were, ten years ago, jamming out to “Yeah”, “I like the way you move” and a whole gambit of songs that were so great…at the time! (looking back I think 2004 could be classified as the year of Usher) 😀 Well it came time for us to all meet again this summer. I’m not going to lie, I have been having anxiety over this. Not because I was afraid to meet up with the rude people I went to school with or run into an old boyfriend (I didn’t date anyone in my grade at my school!); but because this was a 2 part event that cost me $60 a person to go and I had a feeling it was not going to live up to my expectations of what a $60 a head party should be.* I believe the planning for this all started earlier this year, and from the way things kept changing and the communication seemed to be less and less clear, my anxiety was only getting worse…and it was actually a little worse than I expected. The only saving graces were that I saw a couple of my friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, (Facebook really doesn’t make up for being miles away) I got to laugh with my friends about silly high school things that I didn’t even realize happened, (If any of you are reading….OMG IT’S TAN TAN!!) and of course people that I didn’t like that were always so well put together were no longer so put together and I felt like I was winning at life. 😉 So that’s that!


Please Note: in 2004 they had not invented a flat iron!

So not only am I winning at life (at least in my head anyway!) I won a giveaway on Instagram! Okay, just about any time I see some sort of giveaway I try to get in on it. I don’t even care what it’s for, I just want to win. A fat quarter bundle? Maybe a cute crochet bee and some other bee things? How about a rug mug? I WANT IT! So you can only imagine how excited I was to actually win something. The best part is I didn’t even realize I entered!


WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT LITTLE BE?!?! Oh and there were other things too…but that BEE!!!! Didn’t win. 😦


uhm HELLO?! Look at those beautiful bundles!!!! Again…didn’t win 😦


woah what!? Look at that!!! Didn’t win…again… 😥

A few months back Kate & Birdie Paper Company posted that if you were making things with their fabric to use the hashtag #kateandbirdiehandmade so they’d all kind of be in the same “spot” instead of #kateandbirdie #winterslane #bluebirdpark etc. So…since I absolutely love everything I have seen by Kate & Birdie, I had all kinds of things to tag in my instagram! I didn’t really think anything else of it, and bam! Two weeks ago they post on their instagram that me and 3 others had won a bundle of their new fabric line, Autumn Woods! So I waited patiently for my package to come in, and Monday it got here!!! It’s so beautiful!


I am such a softy, this little note seriously almost made me cry.

As far as sewing goes, I am STILL (omg) working on these three bags.  Very little sewing has been done between cleaning and packing up our house.  I think most people would think we’re going about this all backwards, but I think it will be so much easier to get moved since over half our stuff is already packed.  I do know that when I finish up these three bags that my sewing room is going to have to be packed away, too.  So then I won’t really be able to sew for a while… 😦  The bright side to this is that when I do get to really sew again it will be in my new home in my sewing room that is not also a guest room. 😀  Hopefully I can get a big bulk of these bags done tomorrow at my guild meeting.  We’re having an open sew and sharing out Michael Miller Fabric Challenge entries.  I’m pretty excited to show off my pillow…it’s just so comfy!

Are any of you doing the Fabric Challenge?  I’d love to see your entries!  Tag me on instagram! @sewfluffincute I’ve seen some entries that blow my pillow out of the water!  But…for a years worth of free Michael Miller fabric?  It’s just another giveaway for me to enter! 😀

Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

*Just a little note: This event was planned in such a way that a lot of people got upset over it, there is an alternate reunion being planned that I think is only $10, so it wasn’t just me.  I will not be going to the alternate reunion because it’s 4 hours away from me, I have to plan my trips down there and it’s not going to work with how busy we are right now, and because of one of the people that is involved in planning it, and when I asked other people they said they wouldn’t go for the same reasons.

Catching up!

Hi everyone!  I have had so much going on I thought I’d try to catch everyone up with me. 🙂

I finished up the Titan’s bag for my coworker to give to his mom.  I heard she liked it well enough that she started using it almost right away!  That makes me happy.


I also finished up my Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller fabric challenge entry!  I was pretty excited about that.  I decided to make a lumbar pillow for my sewing room’s chair.  It is just a plane wooden kitchen chair and I needed something.  It’s so bright and pretty!  I love it!




I also got some gym time in.  I have been easing back in since being sick, and I’m up to going to classes now.  I ran into my gym friend who has also been sick and just getting back into classes, and she asked me for three bags!  THREE! 😀 So while I can, I’ve been working away on these bags.  I think theyre coming along pretty well.  I am trying to put all three of them together at the same time instead of one bag at a time like I normally do.



Anyhow, that’s what has been going on with me, lots of sewing!

I hope you’re all having a nice week!  I’m heading to my ten year high school reunion this weekend!  Woohoo!

Until next time, happy sewing!

Fourth of July!

Hi everyone!  I don’t really have a good post for this week, but I wanted to post a happy fourth to everyone!  I’ve suddenly been up to my eyeballs in sewing, so I surely will have a lot to write about and show next week!


Until next time!  Happy sewing!  And don’t get yourself blown up over the weekend!!!