When it rains…

So, if you follow me on Instagram (@sewfluffincute) I posted that I am not ignoring my blog, but that I’m not going to post until I finish these bags that I’ve been working on.  Well between fixing the house before we put it on the market (yippee finally happening very soon!) and still trying to get in a little gym time, and you know, that whole JOB thing (working, it’s for the birds. seriously!) I have had little snippets of sewing time.  Last night would have been a great time to get a big chunk of sewing done, probably even finish the last bag, but no.

I woke up yesterday with a weird foot pain, and it’s my sewing foot!  Okay that sounded funny…it’s my right foot and the foot I press my…step? what is that thing called?  The pedal for my machine…with.  It just kept getting worse all day and by the time I got home I was hobbling around looking downright pitiful.  Needless to say, I did not make it to zumba last night, either.  I have no idea what is going on, it feels like a bruise, but I am not quite sure where it has come from, and it looks fine.  It probably is just my foot trying to get me to sit still or something.

So I’ve taken advantage of this “down time” by finally starting on this little project for my husband.  I have been wanting to make him something for his office for a while now, and he said you could make a quote I could put in there.  ‘Alright, sounds easy enough, I’ll just embroider it’ well that turned out just awful.  Just terrible.  Then I thought ‘maybe I can try and use my sewing machine’ okay that was a big ole no.  Just a heaping pile of nope.  Then it hit me, ‘cross stitching, I don’t think I can mess that up…too terribly’.  The only problem I saw was that hand work typically doesn’t mix well with my tiny sweaty hands.  I don’t know why my hands sweat as much as they do but they do and it’s gross.  A few of the ladies in my guild do cross stitch and it just looks so clean and neat, and I thought okay, I can do that.  So I picked up some adia, grabbed my seemingly abandoned embroidery thread, and got to work.


What even is this…I saw a video that suggested starting in the middle? nope.

I first thought “I should try a little practice piece” which turned out to be a good idea because that first letter was an e and it looked like I wrote it with my non-dominant hand.  After I got the hang of it, this has turned out to be so much fun.  It’s so clean and precise; I absolutely love it.  I at least have something that I can play with after my sewing room gets packed up and away…which I’m still not entirely looking forward to.


Much better. And it looks so 8-bit. So cute. ❤

Anyhow, I hope you’re all having a nice week!  Sorry to not post last week, but I am down to the last bag and it’s over halfway finished, so soon enough I’ll be back to regularly posting!  Until moving gets in the way…again… 😀


Al is already fed up with talks of moving.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

P.S.  This quote is:

“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

-Thomas Edison

I have another quote to work on as well:

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

-Winston Churchill

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