This week on CFS

I really wanted to save my blog post until tomorrow afternoon, but I thought I’d go ahead and post today!

Last weekend I decided to heck with this “Can’t sew because I have to keep the house super neat and tidy” business and I went to work.  I had some fat quarters that I needed/wanted to use up, and I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly I wanted to do with them.  Knowing that I needed some fast easy projects done so I’d build up my shop’s inventory, I decided to whip out some diaper straps.  They’re fast, easy, and pretty inexpensive to make.




I have a few other small things to work on; I need to make my niece’s green and pink blanket bigger and my sister a…something.  I actually know what it is…but I don’t know if she reads my blog or not (it’s not the sister that I know doesn’t read it! HAH!) so I can’t say.  I’m also trying to get an inventory of what all I have in my stash. I feel like I should have done that already, but nope. I mean, there is a lot of stuff and some things….that’s good enough, right? 😉

I wanted to wait until tomorrow because we’re dying fabric at my guild meeting! Yes! Omg! What! It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun, hopefully I don’t come out looking smurfy, I have pictures to take on Sunday!

I also have had some more fun trips with Al to the park.  He seems to really like going, and I do too.  Sure beats sitting around at work.  I get to get outside and walk around with my dog in peace and quiet?!  What’s not to love!?  Al is just so precious, he loves walking around and sniffing everything, even when it’s duck poop and I freak out.





Anyhow! That’s my update for the week! Until next time, happy sewing!

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