Well we’re still here! 😀

The husband and I have been talking about moving, obviously, because what else are we going to do?  We talked about the best way to approach moving, and realistically planning as well.  If all goes according to plan (when does it ever?), we should be closing at the end of this month/start of next month.  So we talked about moving, the best way to get moved, painting (because I can’t live in a pepto bismol house, sorry not sorry!) and things we’ll need to take care of before we can officially live in the new house.  If our calculations are correct, we still have about 4 more weeks in the attic.  Honestly, the time has been going by very fast because we’re spending about 3 hours a day driving, then 8 hours working, and then we’re home and we pass out after dinner.  Then it all starts over at 5:20am.  Also, my sister-in-law making dinner basically every night, those cute little nephews, and seeing Al run like a crazy dog all over the yard (he seriously sprints around and it’s hilarious) are all little kudos that make things very easy.

Enough about that!  I’ve been cross stitching to keep my crafty levels up.  I found the cutest little bacon and egg cross stitch, and since these two are staples at our house on the weekends I’m making this for our kitchen in the new house.  I’m also going to work on one for a giveaway to celebrate the reopening of my shop…eventually!  AND!!!  A third one!  (Which…will actually be the one I’m working on right now.) for one of my nieces who thought it was so cute!  I’ve started on the bacon, but I’ll hopefully get this finished up at the next guild meeting!  Which is tomorrow!!!! 😀

I have been running into something odd.  (odd to me anyways)  At least 4 people have asked me if I could do this or that for them, sewing things, which I’m more than grateful for, but I’m like okay, well, I’ve got to get moved, then my sewing room is going to be booming with projects!!! :O  Which reminds me…I need to start writing things down.  Not to mention the wallet project I got started before I had to pack everything up…AAAHH!!!  Over all I’m pretty pumped about being able to sew again within a months time.  I really want to get all these little projects up and moving at least, and it’s kind of making me crazy not being able to start them.  The new house is out in the country, and it’s not very close to fabric stores, or even a Walmart, so I’m going to have to start taking advantage of taking “trips to town.”  It’ll be good though; it’ll -hopefully- make me more exact about what I need and how much of what I need for what project.  Then again, there is always the internet. 😉

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

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