Okay, sorry Internets.  I have been a bad blogger, but honestly nothing really blog worthy has been going on. :/

I went to last month’s quilt guild meeting, which is always fun!  We decided that this year we are going to have committees again, and I’m on the communications committee.  oh yea!  So the first order of business was to try to spread the word about a community sewing event we’re having to make these NICU smocks for Vanderbilt Hospital.  It’s going to be fun, there are foods and giveaways, so if you happen to be in the Nashville/Franklin TN area and want to know more either leave a comment below or email our guild at musiccitymodernquilters@yahoo.com

Besides that, it’s just been house business.  After the first house deal fell through we got right back in the saddle and we found a home that’s actually got a few more perks going for it.  It doesn’t have the land we were looking for, but it’s closer to both of our jobs, in a pretty quiet neighborhood, and it’s still out of the hustle and bustle of Nashville.  If all goes well we’re looking to close before Thanksgiving (yes, just a couple of weeks from now holy cow) then get it ready, paint, floors etc, then hopefully be moved in completely before Christmas! 😀  There will still need to be trips made “to town”, and I’m thinking I’m going to start strictly buying fabric online (much to my husband’s dismay) because the closest JoAnn’s is about 30-40 minutes away and..there is a Hobby Lobby maybe a little closer…but…anyway.

I really want to sew again, so I’m hoping the fixing up of the house goes really quickly and smoothly.  Not going to lie, I also really have a ton of TV to catch up on.  Also…Netflix.  I am also looking forward to fixing up the house for Christmas, making everything look nice, the whole 9 yards.  Right now we’re just waiting for everything to be processed and the bank tell us what day we can close.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this picture of the goats:


can you see them? They are near that tree kind of in the middle. If they hear anyone near the fence they come in a hurry!


Until next time, happy sewing!


2 thoughts on “Update!

  1. I love your blogs keeps me informed cause we don’t talk that much. Good luck with the new house and let me know when you can have visitors

  2. thanks for posting about the November meeting — I am so excited for you and your house. Crossing my fingers! It sounds like so much fun to come in and paint and set everything up for the holidays.

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