2014 in review as a Blog

Well wasn’t this helpful and cute!  Here’s a little review of how my blog did this year.  I’m hoping to get a better blogging pattern in 2015.  Don’t worry, I’m still planning a year in review post and a house post!  I still need to get my sewing room in order :/ but I’ll post again!


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 670 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 11 trips to carry that many people.

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So I know some of you are like “when are you doing a before and after of your house?”  Well I am going to, but I can’t yet.  I want my family to see it in person before I get a post up…because at least some of them (thanks mommy!) read my blog lol.  Not to worry, they’ll be up this weekend.  So keep it together, it’s coming!

I haven’t had a lot to blog about, we have moved up stairs now, there are only 2 rooms that need painting now, we’ve even had a house guest!  Our friend that lives in Missouri drives down to spend time with his mom in Florida a few times a year and he has a few days over at our house back and forth.  It’s a long drive, I don’t blame him.  Last Saturday was the first day that we actually had time to sit and watch tv, and it was marvelous.  We got a new tv and it’s got a 240 or something refresh rate (FYI: Average refresh rate is 120), so everything looks like The Matrix.

my tv actually really makes me want to watch The Matrix all over again…I think I’m the only person that likes all three of the movies.

Our house looks like we’re a couple of scrooges, we don’t have a tree or anything up!  Sadly, our christmas tree didn’t make it through the move, so all we have are our ornaments and stockings, and we didn’t want to half-heartedly decorate for Christmas.  About half of the neighbors in our new neighborhood have lights up, and the ones that don’t you can at least see their lit trees in their windows.  I think they’ll cut us some slack, I mean we JUST got in there!


The only real news that I have is that my sewing table did make it up stairs and into my sewing room, and all my things are in there, but I haven’t been able to sew yet!  I’m hesitant to completely unpack because I haven’t painted in there yet (yes, the pepto lives) but I may try to get a start on that today.  We’ll see. 🙂  My sewing machine is in it’s spot in the table, which, now I have to actually turn off my machine!  Before it was on one of those plugs that cut off with the switch; I think I’ll be able to manage.  I’m just so happy there is no bed in site in my sewing room.


Jumping from one subject to another, I would like everyone to have a very happy and safe holiday, for whatever your family is celebrating.  Don’t burn the potato latkes, don’t wear too ugly of a sweater, be easy on the airing of grievances, keep baby Jesus safely away from little kids and dogs who may try to chew or eat him!  Also, I would like everyone to keep me in your thoughts Saturday because I’m making a Christmas lunch/dinner for the first time myself and I’m not freaking out yet, but I am a little nervous the closer it gets.

Until next time!  Happy sewing everyone!

Still here!

So, we did get the house!  I know you were all waiting on pins and needles.  It just took a couple of weeks longer, but now we’re in and making it new and ours. 🙂

Home Sweet Home!

Home Sweet Home!

We’ve spent almost one whole week in the house now, and it’s been a week of pulling up carpet, deep cleaning, questioning the dirt levels some people will live with, and buying basically everything.  Lucky for me the devil has provided me with some easy tips on how to get some things clean easier than elbow grease.  I am running low on elbow grease, and my slight carpal tunnel syndrome likes to act up at the worst possible times. “Oh, you need to scrub a tub?  Here let me make your hand feel like it’s falling off!” #thanksobama (lol)

Luckily all this waiting is really starting to pay off.  The floors will be completely finished Saturday (because golf course green is a bad color for carpet) and the painting starts today.  Our washer and dryer came on Tuesday, which…okay I’ve only ever had “traditional” washers.  We now have a Maytag that doesn’t have an agitator (fine) and uses low water (okay) and it senses the load size (alien technology) and it’s a little weird.  It needs the middle to be uncovered when you load it…but won’t it get recovered once the load starts going?  What was the point of me digging out the middle?  I digress.  It works plenty fine and if it makes my water bill lower that’s great.  I am going to get started on my sewing room once the floors are done and I get it painted (pepto bismal pink is a bad color for walls.  One accent wall, okay, all 4 walls?  AND ROSES BORDER WALLPAPER? no thank you.) and get a rug in there.  I’m very excited to get that going.  I really need to sew.  Real bad.

Green Carpet...Pink Walls....rose wallpaper border O_O

Green Carpet…Pink Walls….rose wallpaper border O_O

Al was very pleased with this floor choice.  He doesn't blend in now!

Al was very pleased with this floor choice. He doesn’t blend in now!

While I’m at it, lime green and Thomas Kinkaid little houses border wallpaper don’t go well together either.  Just a little word of advice.  Funny house happenings so far:  I’ve locked myself in the backyard at least three times so far.  The back is fenced in and the gate is strange…it latches from the outside?  and there’s some kind of pole to keep it closed?  The door that goes out back will turn on the inside if it’s locked or not, and yea…I’ve fallen victim to it.  Also there is a creepy ball that was left in the back yard that keeps reappearing.  I have thrown it away three or four times, and it kept showing back up in the yard.  I’ve now cinched the bag that it was thrown away in and it has moved its way to the top of the bag.  I’m pretty sure it’s haunted.

In other news, my quilt guild’s Christmas party is this Saturday!!!  Pretty excited about that!!!  Secret Santa?!  Dirty Santa?!?!  ALL THE SANTAS!!!  I thought I was going to have my kitchen situated enough to make something for it, but looks like I’m going to be picking up something :O

I’ll post more before and after pictures soon, I don’t want to give it all away yet!

Until next time!  Happy sewing!  I’ll be able to join in soon! 😀