Someone was listening

Someone read my blog who controls the weather, because last week I got a five day weekend! This big storm blew through and there’s still snow at my house! 




These were just from Monday, the initial snow!  A lot of people to the south of us got mostly ice, but we got about 3 inches of snow on top of a little layer of ice.

Lucky for me this meant I could get a lot of sewing in!

(Note: I wrote this two weeks ago and have been so busy trying to catch up at work I never got to finish.  Now, there is more snow today!  And more sewing has been done!)

I also wanted to touch on something I’m doing in my shop right now. A friend of mine has these two great little kids. Her son has a disease that for a long time they thought was Leukodystrophy. Leukodystrophy is a complex neurological disease that I can’t start to explain. A recent doctor visit has determined that is not what is going on, but it’s something else that they need to do more testing to determine. This little guy is six years old and just as sweet as any kid around. I wish something could be done to finally diagnose him correctly. All these years of doctor’s visits have made things hard for his mom, my friend, financially, so I wanted to help. The navy and white colored wallets for sale in my shop are being sold to raise awareness for Leukodystrophy, and half of the profits, (yea half!) Are going to his mom to help pay for some of his medical bills.

Anyhow, I hope you all are enjoying the weather as best as you can! Al enjoys the part where we are stuck at home.

Until next time! Happy sewing!

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