Sewfest 2015

Alright I needed to name what I’ve been doing, which is sewing a whole lot…and not exactly producing a lot to show for it…but still sewing!

I mentioned in my last post that I’m participating in a local craft fair in July, so I’ve been trying to make as much as I can to be prepared.  I also wanted to make some stuffed animals, named Al’s pals, (yep it gets cuter the more you say it!) And have those ready for the craft fair, too.  I’ve ordered some stickers, because who doesn’t want a sticker with Al on it?  I’ve also come up with a pattern, because here’s what my attempts at using a pattern I found have turned into.


We found out too soon this pattern didn't include a seam allowance.


Added a seam allowance, and this face I tried in vain to embroider on looks....a little racist let's be honest.


So now those are the newest additions to the "I made this but" stuffed animals collection, also little Mike from monsters inc.

So I have drawn out my own stuffed animal pattern, and it’ll be great.

For now, I’m going to get back to sewfest 2015 because I haven’t a moment to waste!


Looking so busy!


And this is all I have to show for it.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!!  Sewfest 2015!!!  (Treading water fest is more like it!)

Craft Fair

Hi! 😀

So I’ve decided to sign up for a craft fair in July that is a bit smaller than the Tomato Arts Festival, just to kind of test the waters.  This group does a show every month, so I’m going to check out the one next month so I can make sure I have a good idea of what I’m getting into.  I drew up a little list of what all I’m going to be making to feel like I have enough stock:

  • Headbands – 40 total, 10 of 4 different colors
  • Al’s Pals – 20 total, 10 bunnies and 10 puppies
  • Wallets – 20 total, current stock, (7) plus 6 each red Miss Kate, 6 blue Miss Kate, and maybe one other one
  • Bags (current stock, 2 not reserved) maybe 2 more small bags?
  • Scarves (current stock 8, 2 of 4 styles)
  • Diaper straps (current stock, 14)
  • Baby quilt (depends on if finished)
  • ?????

What else should I add?  Do I have too much variety?  Do I have enough stuff?  I don’t think you can have too much stuff…who knows.  That’s what I intend on finding out! 😀  I’ll have a 6 ft table area to work with, so I’m going to need to come up with some decorating ideas as well (hello devil) and I’ve already created a board.

Incase you’re looking at this list and…Al’s Pals caught your eye…GOOD.

Al, as you already know, obviously, is such a huge part of my life.  He is a special little guy, and I obviously want to share him with the world.  So I decided that I wanted to make some little stuffed animals, (which, I have STILL not ever blogged about!) since Al loves stuffed animals (that’s why he destroys them) and make a little story to go with them about sharing or something for little kids and call them Al’s Pals.  Ole Al, teaching the kids to share. 🙂

So, get ready, the next few posts are probably going to be updates on the craft fair, as well as my Riley Blake Fabric Challenge entry…which…is coming along. 😀

Until next time, happy sewing!!!


Have you ever started a project, then it gets put to the side for something more pressing, then you get back to it and you’re just disenchanted with it?  I had this happen recently.  And I’m here to tell you to finish it!

I got this request before we sold our house, and I had to hold off because I couldn’t sew.  So I finally got to where I could even start looking for the fabric, and that wasn’t easy.  I made one of these navy bags before, and I tried to find the same fabric as before, with no luck.  I had to change some out, but I do feel bad that it wasn’t the same fabric.  Then I had that baby quilt that got expedited, so this bag got put on hold again.  Then I got started again and it felt like I was treading water.  No matter how much I would sew, it was not progressing.  I felt stuck.

So I finally buckled down and I got it finished.  It took a couple of nights and a little help from Jay Z and the rest of the gang in my mp3 line up, but we made it to the finish line.  It was starting to really drag me down, I wanted to start so many other projects but I knew I needed to finish this one first.  I finally did finish it, and to be honest it came out a lot better than I anticipated.  It may actually be the best of these quilted bags that I’ve made!

The weight that came off my shoulders when that bag came out of the wash was incredible.   I was so glad to finally finish this bag that was up on my list to finish.  I felt a physical change, and I was instantly relaxed.

Now I can get to focus on some other projects, one of which is sewing up a storm to prepare for the Tomato Art festival!  I don’t know if I got in yet, but I know I’d rather be prepared than shorthanded.  I’m going to work on a lot of small items that I can make quickly like tomato pin cushions and head bands.  Even if I don’t get in, it’ll be good to bulk up my store supply.  Anyhow, I hope you’re all having a great week!  This past weekend was my guild meeting, and I brought in my next bag project I’ve been working on (so bae) which is also finished now!  I got such a big jump on this project Saturday.  I really got my sew-jo flowing and went home and got it as close to finished as I could before I had to stop for a missing part, which I got on Monday.

If you have any projects looking you in the face, taunting you, just finish them.  Because the world is your oyster once you get caught up!  (I don’t know what that actually means, oysters are disgusting)  Until next time, happy sewing everyone!

Post Paducah Preparedness Plan (extra super late)

(I apologize for the SUPER late post)

I went on a fantastic trip with my mother in law and aunt to Paducah, KY for the American Quilters Society Quilt week.  We went up Saturday morning and came back that afternoon and we had an absolute ball!  There were so many beautiful quilts to see, and about a million different vendors..some of which were questionable 🙂  I also ran into some of my fellow guild members!  If I hadn’t been the driver I would have taken more pictures of our trip, the drive up was really picturesque.  Old barns in green and yellow fields, big lakes, even a few scary bridges.  Okay all bridges are scary.  Here are a few of my pictures from our trip!

I hope you enjoy!  there are many more pictures on Instagram, and I’ve used #PQW2015 to keep them all together.  I’m going to make another post soon, I feel like I’ve been lagging!

Until next time,  happy sewing!