I know I said I would post another blog post last week, but I took off work that Friday, (Two weeks ago omg) and I kind of locked myself in my sewing room for most of the weekend! 😀

I got a total of 12 little Al’s Pals sewn up.  I think they look great!  I’m actually thinking of doing a couple more of them.  Again, I don’t think I can have too much stuff for this craft show coming up!

I have also drug this quilt out that I made that I really didn’t like the binding on and started in on rebinding it.  I was dreading it because I knew taking the binding off and everything was going to take such a long time…but!  I didn’t realize my new seam ripper I got on the Paducah trip was magic.  I got the binding off in maybe 2 minutes?!  Insane!!!!  And now that I have wonder clips, life changer!!!!  I now have the new binding on and I just need to take some new pictures of it and I’ll have it re listed in my Etsy shop!

Remember this?

Remember this?


Remember this awful binding?

Now it's as cute as it was always intended to be.

Now it’s as cute as it was always intended to be.

My guild met on Saturday and we made over 100 pillowcases for the Ronald McDonald house!!  That was very cool!  We all had a great time and we contributed to a great cause.  It was also very fun to learn how to make a pillow case.

Look at us!!!  Look how cool we are!!!  Pillowcases forever!!!

Look at us!!! Look how cool we are!!! Pillowcases forever!!!

What have you been up to?  I hope this gets me caught up on blogging until next week anyway! 😀  I’ve just been sewing so much and trying to get as much listed as possible that it’s been tricky trying to blog, too.  I’ll get better about it soon.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

Shortest Blog Ever

I’ll have you all know that I’m having some technical difficulties when it comes to loading up my pictures for some reason, and I DO have a blog post ready to go…but my pictures aren’t cooperating.  I’ll make an attempt to get it posted tonight.  It was started like 2 weeks ago and it’s just being a mean post.


Judging me for not posting yet.

Judging me for not posting yet.

Al’s Pals

So, as you can see from following my instagram feed, I have been churning away on all sorts of fun stuff.

I finished making all six of the red Miss Kate wallets!  They all have a little something different about them.

I started working more on Al’s pals, which after the bunnies I made, I decided to make my own pattern.  Which, as most things do, started on a post it.


So I got hard to work, doodling until these little guys looked right.  Then I made demo number 1:


I liked how the body turned out round, I wasn’t so keen on the face.  The ears also needed a little work.  So onto demo number 2!


This little guy turned out a little more square than I anticipated.  I also tested out a button nose instead of felt.  I like the button, but the placement needed a little tweaking as well.  I also went ahead and added the tail.


I wasn’t wanting to add a mouth, but I decided I might as well to give them each a little more character.  I made a solid drawn out pattern that wasn’t just me estimating from my sketch what size to make things, and started in on number 3.  Now demo number 3, which is probably the closest to the idea I have.


I really like this little guy! I also tested out his tail which, made me a little crazy but turned out great.


Friendship goals.

I also made another little guy, the last one I hadn’t made yet, the hamster!

They’re both adorable, but both have some things I’d want to tweak. I might round off the head a little more. I’ll update later (probably tomorrow or Friday!) With hopefully the final versions of all three. I’ll have a little variety of each animal, bunny, hamster and cat, they’ll have different colored patches and maybe different tail, and perhaps some little toy accessory? We’ll see.  They’ll be available in my shop as soon as I get probably 5 of each animal done.

What do you guys think?  Do you like the three animals I picked?  Remember…I can’t do a dog because Al is afraid of dogs! 😉  Let me know what you think!