Craft Fair etiquette: Don’t be that guy

Hi.  We need to talk about craft fair etiquette.

I know that I’m not a very experienced craft fair vendor.  Heck, I can’t even get a consistent layout!  However, I feel like I know how to not be rude at a craft fair.  That consists more than just being polite to the people around you.  It also means that you’re considerate of the person who put the event together, the people around you, the event space, etc.  Here is a list to help you not be that guy at the next event you are involved with.

Craft Fairs Do’s and Don’ts

Tips on not being that guy

  1. Be part of the solution:  Something’s going to go awry.  If there’s a problem, look for a way to help.  Don’t just stand around complaining.  Which leads to point number 2
  2. Plan Ahead:  If you can bring extra helpful things, bring them!  You never know who is going to forget their tape, need an extra extension cord, (sometimes you’re a little farther away from the plug than you thought!) or maybe they just need to borrow a marker.  Just remember to label all of your items you may lend out so that you’ll get them back.  Also, if you make a list it’s really going to pay off in the end.  Last weekend I forgot to bring CHAIRS!  Luckily I was less than 5 minutes from my house, but man, that could have been disastrous!
  3. Stay for the Day:  I know that the fairs I’ve attended have said here’s what time you can show up to start setting up, here’s the event times, and here’s when we have to be broken down to leave.  They’ll usually also include some weather back up plans, or if the event just needs to be shut down early, someone comes around and lets everyone know.  That being said, if you are going to be at a craft show, you need to plan to stay the entire time.  Do not look at the weather and say ‘well I’m going to just plan to leave an hour early’ because that’s rude!  It’s rude to the person who organized the event, it’s rude to the others participating, it’s rude to the people coming to the event!  It gives the impression that this event wasn’t worth your time, and neither are the others involved, or even the customers.
  4. Be Mindful of your Surroundings:  This can cover a number of things.  Keep an eye on your monies, look out for people who look like they may try to steal from you or others. This also means keep within your appointed space.  If you have a 5×5″ space, don’t make a display that would spill over into someone else’s space.  You wouldn’t appreciate if someone encroached on your space, so don’t do it to others.  If you are a vendor of a “smelly thing” (Scentsy, essential oils, Pink Zebra, whatever else the kids are selling these days) please DO NOT have several scents going at once.  This WILL drive people away because it will cause people to have headaches!
  5. Don’t be Distracted:  I cannot emphasise this enough!  You paid to be a part of this event, so be a part of it.  Put your phone away, period.  The only times I would say it’s okay to do some Instagraming, tweeting and Facebook posting to maybe remind people to come out is when people aren’t there.  The only exception to this is handwork; making jewelry, needlepoint, or something along those lines, and even then, when you see engaged people put it down!!!  This is a borderline Millennial telling you to get off of your phone!  If people are around our booth, you need to pay them attention, and they may pay you monies!!  Say hello to everyone who passes by because you never know who is going to buy something from you!  They may decide against it if you’re not engaging enough!  P.S. Coffee is for closers.


    Take it from my favorite actor Alec Baldwin: Always Be Closing! Attention, Interest, Decision, Action!  Look at that HAIR! ❤

  6. Have fun:  You’ve done what you can to prepare for the event, all you can do is keep a smile on your face, be friendly and hope everyone wants to buy everything.  And why wouldn’t they?  They’re at a craft fair for a reason!  They came to buy stuff!

I hope you found this list to be helpful!  If you did, give it a like, share the crap out of it, spread the word!  No one likes that guy, so let’s put an end to that guy!

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