Sewing Room Closet Overhaul

Hi!  This was the first weekend this month that wasn’t already pre scheduled with something to do, so I obviously scheduled some things.  I took Al to PetSmart to get groomed (worth it’s weight in gold BTW) and got something to help with my Secret Santa Sew project (so secretive!) and I also got something to deal with my sewing room closet.

Alright, it was just a big conglomerate of what the what in there.  I may have used the Hoarders picture just for dramatization HA!  It’s a pretty standard closet, not some big to do but not a teeny closet either.  So when we moved in, I just put these plastic shelves/drawers I was using in my old sewing room and put those in the closet to the sides.  There were also some things just shoved up in the top; unfinished quilt, a big box of photos, stuff that I’d forgotten about, you know typical closet stuff.  So here’s pictures that I have from the closet before the transformation.


This was how things were going in there, for a long time.  The opposite side was a messier version of this with thinner plastic drawers


Here’s how a typical pre fair closet would look, everything sort of tucked away, ready to load into the car.  Also, some fabric laying around, needing to be put somewhere more appropriate….oops.

So what I did was take everything out, sort of reorganize what I could, and assembled (ORGANIZING TOOLS, ASSEMBLE!!!!) a closet….thing…I got at Home Depot.

clost thing

I mean what would you call this?!

It was a really simple no tool, all screwed and snapped together thing, but it made a big difference!  I did not use the “side extra hangy bar thing” because I don’t really  have a need for that.  Now I can sit baskets in there, stack tall things, even sit books up right!  Which meant I had to bring everything that was shoved into the closet sides and put them, where they’d be front and center!  No hiding!!  But it’s great!  Now I can see what’s in there!  I also got a stand alone hanging basket that I have started putting “to do next” projects in.  I think I need to make some sort of ridiculously overly cute for some closet thing, like a tiny colorful banner.  I mean, why not?


Eddie is trapped!  #FreeEddie

There is more that needs to be done, including but not limited to possibly moving my sewing table, doing something with the stuff under my ironing board table, and general rearranging.  Now that I have some book room I need to take stuff out of this magazine rack that is under my ironing board table and put them where they should go, and maybe just do away with that thing?  I mean I have binders that I can put patterns in, I should just get those where they ought to be!

I’m really pleased with my little overhaul.  Now, I just need to re clean the rest of my sewing room! 😀  After I take my sewing machine anywhere, it seems that everything gets a little wacky in there.  This month was our guild’s charity sew where we sew NICU smocks for Vanderbilt.  We sewed 96 little smocks!  And we had even more donated, so we had over 1,000!!!!

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!  Mine, ended up interestingly 😀  Let’s just say I haven’t been taking many “public” selfies lately.  I’m on the downhill side of my sewing, even though it feels like it’s snowballing out of control!!!  We’ve got one more event to go to Saturday in Pleasant View, so that should be fun!  😀  Lots to do, lots to do!

Until next time, happy sewing! 🙂

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