Secret Santa Sewing!

I’m pre writing this, so there’s probably going to be some changes before this is even done.

I FINALLY am getting to participate in my guild’s Secret Santa Sew!!!!  I joined my guild a little late to get into it the first year, the second year I couldn’t because my sewing machine was in storage, so now!!  I finally got to sign up!

I decided to make this really cool herringbone pillow with some festive Christmas prints because my partner said basically make anything!  Which is cool because it gave me a chance to just do anything!

I haven’t done any “seasonal sewing” before, and I’ve had a charm pack of Aspen Frost laying around for a while, so when I saw this pattern by Lauren Terry of Fly Away Quilts for a herringbone pillow cover, I really wanted to give it a shot.

I did make some changes, because I wanted to make this pillow have an overlapping closure, so I started off by doubling the number of half square triangles from 44 to 88.  I’m still playing with it to make sure I am going to have enough, but I have plenty more little charms to make more, so it’s alright. 🙂


I have finished the gift!  Yes!  So excited!  I used a French seam to finish off the sides, and I made some “binding” out of some end pieces of the lining.  However, the pillow seemed to get fatter once I put the case over it, and the ends didn’t quite close together the way I imagined, so I made a little loop and button to keep it closed.  Here is a little slideshow of my sewing process and finishing it up!  And also a photo shoot around my house.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyhow, I can’t wait to be able to post this!  Which, will be after Saturday!  And I’ll have a secret santa gift coming to me too!  Yes!!!  So excited!

I also took about 30 minutes and made our christmas tree skirt, which you can see in a couple of those pictures.  It was pretty simple to make, which, I needed.  Also…when I was scouting out fabric for the skirt, I went to Wal Mart, because I figured this little thing is #1 just a super quick one, if I want a fancy pants thing some other year I can make another one, but cheap fabric will do fine #2 who knows what is going to end up on this thing; Al may decide to pee on it out of spite.  So yes, got some $4 a yard fabric over at the Wal Marts and it’s weird, it’s like super thin corduroy or something, I’m not entirely sure.  It just said 100% cotton, which, I mean it could be?  Anyway….while I was looking through the “Holiday Fabrics” I saw this little gem shoved in there amongst all the reds and greens and I thought that would be hilarious for a tree skirt.  Sadly, I left it behind.


The ghost of some Christmas time?  Past, Present or Future?  The Holy Ghost?  Someone being silly?

I  hope you’re all having a nice holiday season!  I know Hanukkah is underway!  Thanksgiving is done, so you should probably be done with those leftovers by now!  It’s also now safe to put up your Christmas tree and not make anyone mad for skipping Thanksgiving!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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