2015 Sewing Review

I know there are a couple more weeks to go in 2015, but I have a blog post pending until after the weekend!  I can’t give away my Christmas presents before they’re given! 🙂

So this sewing year has been really spectacular!  Let’s just go by the month:

January: I made my ironing board table cover, got my new sewing room in order, and set my goals for the year.

February: I made lots of infinity scarves, had a fun birthday, got snowed in and fully took advantage to get to sew!

March: I finished up my awesome bag, the navy colored wallets in my shop, and some gifts for my niece and nephew.  I also started using my bread maker!

April: I got mad my boss said my awesome bag looked like a Vera Bradley bag ( >:/ ) and I also finished up a baby quilt!

May: Probably the most exciting month, I made my first trip to Paducah, KY, signed up for my first craft fair (in July), and finished up a taxing project that I wasn’t overly enthused about but got it pushed out anyhow.  I also got on a real sewing kick and was making all sorts of fun stuff!  Wallets, stuffies, things!  Everything!

June:  I got the idea for Al’s Pals and was sewing away to make as much as I could before the pending craft fair!  I also got my sweet Kate and Birdie Bluebird Park quilt rebound, which made ALL the difference.

July:  I did my first craft fair!  It was fun, and really hot!  I also started on my big love quilt.

August:  Well, I went to the beach 😀

September: Melinda and I did another craft fair!  And we planned for many more, as well as combining our sewing talents to sell all of our amazing stuffs together!  We also came up with our plan for the coloring book portfolios in the shop!

October:  Melinda and I….DID ANOTHER CRAFT FAIR!  TWO of them actually!  We ramped up production to fill our entire tent space up with awesome sewn things that made people say “wow you two must spend a lot of time doing this” why yes, yes we DO!

November:  We participated in the Nashville Crafts & Drafts fair, which was AMAZING!  I also did an overhaul of my sewing room’s closet, and worked a lot on some holiday sewing.  (Also got a dog bite to the nose and stitches and bla bla bla whatever 😉 )

December:  I finished all of my sewing in time and all of my gifts are either already shipped off or wrapped and waiting to be opened this weekend!

I think I’ve had a pretty great 2015.  2016 is already looking like it’s on the up and up, so I’m ready to get things started!  I feel really good about how this year turned out; there was some really bad but also some really fantastic.  I’ve also been elected President of my quilt guild, so, KIND OF A BIG DEAL! 😀  I feel like I did pretty well on meeting my goals I set back in January:

  • Sew More, Search less (Well I still search a lot but I definitely sew more)
  • Make more gifts (I’d say that’s a yes)
  • Have at least 20 items in the shop (Thank you, SO MUCH Melinda, because with your help I have completely exceeded this goal!)
  • Consistently Blog (Could have done this better, but I think it’s better than it was)
  • Do better (Also could have done this better but it’s also better than it was)

I’ve started thinking about what kind of goals I want to set for the new year, and I plan on having them set before New Years!  I hope you’ve all had as great of a year as I have, and if you haven’t, there’s always next year!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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