Christmas Sewing

Yet another post that I’m going to be working on that I can’t post for a while!

I decided this year I was going to make more gifts.  And now here it is, gift giving season.  And I have been pretty busy sewing anyway, that gift sewing kind of got pushed off, but now it’s in full defcon 3.  Only 3, because I have some time, just some though.  (Update everything TOTALLY got finished on time!!!  Go Team Gomez!!!)

Nephew Gifts: Coloring Book portfolios

I’ve made each of the nephews a coloring book portfolio.  I’m pretty sure they’ll love them!  My sister’s son really loves their puppies, so I made him a puppy themed portfolio.  My husband’s sister’s boys both really like Ninja Turtles, so I’m making them alternating portfolios!


Mother In Law gift: Purse

So, while we were all in Paducah, KY this year my mother in law drug someone over to me 😯 and said “I want THIS bag!” I didn’t forget, it just took me a little while to find this bag’s pattern.  When my guild went on a shop hop, I found it!  Well, it may have not been it exactly, but it was pretty stinking close.  It was probably it…maybe.  She gave me a lot of University of Alabama fabrics to work with, and I got it all together and got it made!  But she doesn’t know yet!!!  Also…can we talk about grommets?  These grommets were really awful.  They were pretty, and I’m pretty sure they’re really secure, but is there a simple way to do a big grommet?  I mean, I hammered those things in, and the grommets were the most time consuming part of the whole bag!  I digress, all fun and no work, right?

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Sister & Brother in law gift: Big Love Quilt

I only have one sister in law, and she is pretty amazing.  Lici’s had a pretty stressful sounding job basically the entire time I’ve known her, and she’s never seemed to break.  She has the two sweetest little boys, and she’s also given me the only brother in law that I’ve not just absolutely hated.  (Before you think ‘omg what?’ both of my sisters are divorced, and I didn’t particularly like those guys before, during or after their marriages…for a variety of reasons.  Anyway….another story for another day)  Jeremy is a funny goofball and such a perfect match for Lici, and just being around them you get that “aww” feeling.  So I’m giving them the quilt that I started on a few months back, the big love quilt that I knew I wanted to make but I didn’t know what to do with once I was finished!  I’ve decided to use some Hello Darling for the backing and it’s turned out great!

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I did get some other gifts, I mean I can only make so many things.  Like I got my sister a Welcome to Night Vale shirt and a cat whirligig, and our niece’s some teen and tween appropriate gifts.  And my mom some University of Alabama jewelry.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday season.  I know I have, and I’m a little excited that it’s done!  Now I can get back to “fun sewing!” hahaha!!!  Did you make any gifts this year?  Tell me about them!!!

Until next time, happy sewing!

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