Some Teeny Changes…!

So guys!  Not to drop a big ole bomb, but Melinda and I are splitting into two shops.  

Me and Mel

It’s nothing personal, nothing bad happened, and we’re still lovey dovey friends and doing fairs together, but for online shopping things, we’re just doing two different shops.  We’re just “making” to different audiences, which is fine, (I mean we both like all of our things, who are these people that don’t?), but for money making purposes, it’s going to benefit the both of us to have two shops.

So!  If you’re looking for hilarious and sassy needlepoint, vintage items made new, feedsack pillows, kitty pillows, overall fun homegoods, look up See Mel Sew on Etsy, and go ahead and follow her on Instagram @SeeMelSew and show her ALL THE LOVE!

So this announcement is out of the way….So much (Sew much!) going on for 2016 already!!!

This week I’ve been working on our guild’s charity quilt challenge quilt.  I’m so excited for this project to be finished.  The challenge was to use only red, blue, yellow, white, off white, black and grey and improve with intent to make a quilt.  We came up with a guitar with notes idea, and I think it’s turned out pretty well.  I’m excited that we’ve worked on this together as a guild and will have something that’ll be on display in California for QuiltCon.  I’m worried we won’t be finished in time, but I’ve finished the top, and I’ll be able to hand it off to be quilted, and cross my fingers that we get it to California by February 3 for QuiltCon.  I think we can, I think we can!

I’ve also recently finished a second Spring Sling bag, so that’s pretty cool to have knocked another out.  I’m going to be starting on a third one shortly, but that one is a personal gift for a family member.  I really like this pattern by Janelle with Emmaline Bags.  This pattern is very nicely written and the instructions are very easy to follow.  If you’re looking to start making bags, and want something that looks super crazy hard but in reality, may be simpler than it sounded, go check out this shop.

I hope I haven’t ruined anyone’s day. o_o It’s very cold in Nashville today, so if anyone would like to donate any degrees from their location’s temperature, they would be appreciated. 🙂  What have you all been up to?  Oh yea?  Tell me about it!  Leave me a comment below!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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