2016 Goals

So, this is just a teeny bit overdue!

So I have a lot of goals this year!  I think I did really well last year on tackling goals, and I feel like I can keep myself personally accountable when I make goals, which I why I like setting goals.

When I first wanted to work on getting my weight manageable and keep myself accountable for what I eat, how much water I drink and how much I work out, I found out about SparkPeople.com.    The whole premise behind SparkPeople is setting realistic goals, short term, medium term and long term goals.  They all stack up and help you get to the next level of goal accomplishment.  Since finding this, I’ve really found out how much goal setting REALLY helps.  It keeps you focused on the end result, it keeps you motivated to get goals accomplished, it’s just a happy little train of getting things done.  Like Thomas the Train.  But…I don’t know, no weird face?

So without any further adieu, here’s my goals for 2016:

Happy Notes


Sewing Goals:

  • Develop a Pattern
  • Use more free-motion quilting designs
  • Make a larger quilt than a baby quilt (UGH!!)

Etsy Goals:

  • Improve listing pictures
  • Participate in at least 6 fairs (already have 4 booked!)
  • Develop a Pattern ( I know I’ve got this twice, but it’s a little of both a sewing goal and an Etsy goal)

Home Goals:

  • Get a cleaning schedule down
  • Come up with a “menu” and a set grocery day
  • Declutter my clothes (to freshen up my wardrobe 😉 )
  • Organize our manuals

Fitness Goals:

    • work out 3+ days a week
  • Walk Al twice a day (this was not a hard thing to do and I hate I got out of the habit!)
  • Track. Every. Meal.
  • Get to goal weight by April 15, 2016

What kind of goals do you have for this year?  Do you find setting goals helps you?  I’d love to hear them!  I’ve also been doing a lot of sewing, but I’ll post more after I get some things finished.  I’m going to go on vacation this weekend and then next weekend I’ll be on a retreat with my quilt guild, so my blogs may be a little sporadic!  That’s why I wanted to go ahead and get this one done and out there. 🙂

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “2016 Goals

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I like your idea of setting goals. A few of mine is to narrow and record my math tutoring skills so that I can highlight them when advertising, finish my free teacher ebook, add a testimony page to my blog and stick to updating my channels every two weeks.

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