One Block Quilt


So I know a few (I’m running out of fingers on one hand to count them now) people right now that are pregnant.  I mean, the fever is rising all around me, I’m hoping to stave it off for at least a little bit longer.  Just let me get tiny again, that’s all I want!


Laughed a little harder than I should have…and cried haha!!!

So I have two little quilts I need to crank out ASAP, so I consulted the devil and I found Amy Smart’s We All Sew Lone Star baby quilt tutorial.  I was thrilled, because I’ve been sitting over here fretting over my precious collection of fat quarters, and I’ve kind of wanted to try one of these types of star blocks.



Isn’t that just dreamy?  So I got to work looking in my fabric, and lucky me!  I still had some of the layer cake I bought for the big love quilt still left over, some white squares and only had to cut up two fat quarters for the rest!

So I got home, started cutting up my squares, and threw them up on the design wall.  I think they’re looking super stunning up there, and I really love how quickly this little quilt is coming together!

If you ever need a quicky baby shower quilt, this is probably a great solution.  I finished most of this little top at my guild’s sewing retreat in Paris Landing, but I’m going to add a little border and get this little guy (or, I guess girl) on it’s way!  I’ll post a pic of the finished quilt on my “Finished” page.

The second quilt, I’m going to put a little more effort into.  I took a while on picking a pattern, so recently I’ve just been scouring the devil’s many baby quilt patterns and I’ve been looking for something that’s sweet, simple, and I can make gender friendly.

Do you have a go to gift?  Let me know!  Until next time, happy sewing!

P.S. I found one, and you’re going to love it.

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