Cute Fluffin Stitch

So you may ask yourself, what is a cute fluffin stitch?

I have had a couple of people ask me how I came up with the name of my Etsy shop.  It’s really kind of funny.  I knew I wanted a shop, and I knew I wanted to have quilted stuff in there.  I knew I also wanted stuffed animals in there.  So I did what one does when they’re trying to name something.  I wrote down names.  I wrote down words that kind of keyed into what I’m doing, “quilted, sweet, cute, soft” stuff like that.  I also kind of wanted to incorporate my name into it somehow, so I went with G stitches.  Well, after a short while I didn’t like it.  I went back to my list, and in a furiated state I yelled out “I JUST WANT TO MAKE CUTE F*#%@&$ S#%&!!!”

This may come to a shock to you if you don’t know me personally, but I have a bad temper.  I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, and I’ve worked on it a lot, but sometimes it just comes out.  Eyes go red, hair turns to fire, it’s a real mess.  And I know that it is, but for the most part, I keep the fire out.


Yep, basically me!

So, with my sudden outburst, it dawned on me!  Cute Fluffin Stitch.  And it’s fluffin, not fluffing, because I’m Southern and I drop my G’s a lot.  (it’s stuffin’ not stuffing, puddin’ not pudding, etc)  And, I probably cuss a little more than I mean to, but when I’m putting something on the internet, I try to clean it up.


Also the difference between thisaway and thataway.

Anyhow, Cute Fluffin Stitch works for me because it covers all my bases.  I strive for things to be cute, some of the things I make are stuffed, so they’re fluffy, and I stitch everything!  It was a real ah-ha moment.  I didn’t want to make something that you’d use once then regret buying it.  I wanted to make things that you could use daily and when it eventually needs to be replaced, you’ll just want another of the same thing.  I wanted to make something that even if you didn’t feel like getting all gussied up to go to the grocery store, you still look a little stylish.  And, I wanted to make kids stuffed animals that be 100% unique to them.

Another part of why I make what I make is because I know people that use a rubber band for a wallet.  Or just shove their ID and cash in a pocket.  I’m not sure how they’re functioning adults.  I also see people struggling with keeping their diaper bags functionally organized.  And let’s not overlook everyone having the same quilted bag that’s mass produced.  Because of all of this I wanted to make an assortment of items that are fashionable and affordable.


There I am, watching someone happy over buying something unique and sweet!

To summarise, a Cute Fluffin Stitch is a handmade, cute accessory of some sort that will help you through your day.

2 thoughts on “Cute Fluffin Stitch

  1. This is all true, I can offer testimonials of your temperament but I also know that your work shows true love of this art.

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