Always Busy!

So I know I said I won’t say anything really about the craft fairs until my summarizing end of the month blog post to cover all of them, but I will say this!

I sprained my ankle Saturday!  I think it’s a little funny, only because it’s the same foot I hurt and had to have surgery on twice as a child after a bike accident, so I’m kind of used to limping for that foot!  Poor lefty.  So Sunday I just laid around, which was really difficult.  I mean, when I’m feeling a lazy day it’s not a problem, but I was prepared to get a bag done!  I wanted to take advantage of the day because I know I won’t be able to sew this weekend because my friend Meghan and her kids are coming to see me!

My sweet little Meggles!!!  I’m so tickled she’s coming to visit me.  She’s never been to Nashville, so we’re going there, maybe swinging by the Cherry Blossom Festival, and there’s a block party going on in my little town, and a craft beer festival!  While I’m not a huge craft beer fan (just give me Michelob Ultra!!!) I still think it will be a lot of fun.  I also think my in laws may be coming, too!  Needless to say, this weekend is really shaping up to be a fun weekend.


Look how cute we are!!!!  oh man look how white our teeth are…I need to start whitening again LOL

Before she and her gang get up here, I am going to try and really get some sewing done.  I started working on a bag Monday night, but I messed up the quilting and had to pick it all out.  So about 10 minutes of work took about 30 minutes to pick out. 😦  I plan on having that bag ready before my next fair on the 23rd, so it’s not in a huge (YUUUUGE!) rush or anything.  I also have a quilt going up on my planning wall right now that still has a ton of blocks left to cut out.  I can’t say anything about that quite yet, MAYbe later 😉


a little preview!

I’ve also got to get working on my Tennessee mini modern quilt swap!  My partner likes bright colors, improv piecing as well as black and white thrown in.  I have an idea of an improv herringbone type braid looking thing, and maybe a wonky star…we’ll see.  I should get on it because that’s due to be mailed by the end of May.  This swap is between the Tennessee Modern Quilt Guild members in Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville.  If you want to follow that swap, find #TNQuiltSwap on Instagram!  Eventually, I hope to add something to the hashtag!

Even with all of that going on, I still have all sorts of other things to work on as well.  Because I can’t seem to tell myself “hey, stop booking so many things.” 🙂  What are you up to?  Tell me below!

Until next time, Happy sewing!

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