What Happens When you Order: A view from the shop side

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t get a lot of Etsy sales.

I tend to do better in person because people can pick up, touch, snuggle and poke around everything I have available and they know that they can’t live a moment longer without whatever they’ve picked up!  That’s what I’m hoping for this Saturday at Crafts and Drafts.  By the way, if you’re coming, don’t forget to bring some shoes to donate for Soles for Souls!

When I do get a sale, that ch-ching usually scares me to death.  I hear that, after I’ve chanted “I will get a sale today” about 100,000 times to myself and spam everyone I know with my shop updates.  The first thing I do is get whatever has been ordered and I make sure I’ve got a business card tucked inside, I wrap it in tissue paper, slap a sticker on it and put it in it’s box.


I’m ready!!!


I admit, I shake the box.  I can’t decide “do I want it to make a sound?  do I want to stuff the box?” so sometimes I do one or the other.  Obviously my items are soft, so they don’t make a lot of noise, but these are the silly things I fret over.

Then I put the box in the mail, update my shipping info, and I wait.  I track that package as if I’m waiting for it to come to me.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  I constantly hit “refresh” and watch the box go on a journey.  I panic if it’s not being delivered when it SO should be “out for delivery” by now!


Once it gets delivered, I wait more.  I wonder “are they at work?  When do they check the mail?” and I keep my fingers crossed that they are going to open that mailbox and do that little dance that I do when I get a package that I’ve ordered.  I will wait and wait, I start to think that someone has stolen their mail, I worry.  “Is that quilt ever going to see the light of day?!”

Sometimes, I get the BEST little update from Etsy.  I get “*Customer* left you feedback” and my heart’s on fire!  When I get feedback, not only does it make my shop look good, it tells me they got it and they love it.  Nothing could make me happier!  The descriptions people leave help others get a better feel from a different perspective of what I’ve got in my shop!


So if you’ve ever wanted to know, that’s what it’s like on this side when you buy something from my shop.  I don’t know how people who get multiple sales each day can handle it.  I’ll have you know that I will never get used to that feeling.

Tell me what you think!

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