April 2016 Craft Fairs

This month Melinda and I have participated in Edgehill Rocks as well as Crafts and Drafts.

April 2016 Craft Fairs

We were pretty excited for Edgehill Rocks.  We got all packed up Friday night, we set out early on Saturday morning and we headed downtown.  Little did we know what kind of a day would be in store for us.  I pulled around to where our spot on the “vendor map” was, because the front entrance was blocked, and we unloaded.  I drive around to the entrance, and ask where to park.  On the map there was a “reserved parking” area, so I assumed there, and I was told no, basically to find somewhere on the surrounding streets. (ookaaayyy…???)  Then we noticed this table and chairs that were in our space, we moved the chairs and thought ‘well, we could use this table’ which, after we got set up, found out no, they need the table and chairs back. (well….alright)  We also found out that they were going to move us to a different spot, but since we’d already unloaded and set up (again) that we could stay.  (I mean, these things could have been communicated beforehand…I digress.)  Next thing you know the wind started blowing.  It blew all day.  The wind blew hard enough that 3/4 of the time we were there, we were just holding the tent down.  A few other people’s tents actually did get blown away.  We eventually  had to take the top off of the tent, tie the pegboard displays to the tent poles, and just hang on to everything that kept getting blown around.  I sprained my ankle during all of this, which, has been less than pleasant.  I didn’t realize how bad it actually was until after I got home around 7pm.  I guess you could say this season started off with a pop?  Keeping my fingers crossed for Crafts and Drafts to make up for the deficit.

The next craft fair for the year was Crafts and Drafts by the Nashville Scene.  After Edgehill, Mel and I were both kind of beaten up!  My ankle has just being normal again, and poor Mel!!!  She’s been in bed ever since Edgehill, so she wasn’t able to participate.  I really hope she gets better soon! (xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox)

Friday afternoon I went down to the Farmer’s Market and I set up my tent.  This is tricky to do alone, but luckily another woman was also trying to put her tent up alone and we helped each other.  I once again stayed up way too late the night before, because I get so hyped up I can’t help it!!!  Dax tagged along to help me set up which was a big help!  I had a  noticeably smaller set up than normal, but it was still really great.  After I got everything laid out, I propped up my foot and got to work on binding a quilt I brought along.  The day started off slowly, but I did make a few sales!  I also had a lot of people ask me about the quilt I was working on, as well as comment on another quilt top I was using as a table cloth.  All together I  had a really nice day talking to people, people watching and a really nice time!  I even got a little sun hanging out there!  I made up a little bit of my loss from Edgehill, but not completely.  I’m hoping I just get a couple more sales this month to push me out of the hole!

I think this craft fair season has gotten off to a fun start!  Next month is Crafty Nashville and the Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival, so it’s back to sewing for me!  Here’s a look at the fairs from this month!

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