A nice week

Every once in awhile you need a little break!

This past weekend I went with my family to Paris Landing State Park.  Didn’t I just go there in February?  Yes!  It was so great I wanted to share it with those right around me.  Back in February I booked the cabin for May (and there was only one available, holy cow) since typically we have a family weekend around Mother’s day.  Friday I made a bunch of food, we loaded up my car and off we went!

If you go to a place in February, I guarantee it will look even better in May!  Everything was so lush and pretty.  There were flower gardens, the trails were mowed, the trees were full!  My husband grew up on the lake, and he misses it a lot, and he, his mom and his sister really loved being so close to a nice lake again.  I gave my Mother in Law a peek at her Mother’s day gift, which is well overdue.  She absolutely loved it, so I can’t wait to get back to work on it.  We did a little shore fishing, some rock skipping, and made s’mores with the boys!  We even had a little festival close by, where I (of course) found a quilt vendor, and we discussed the hardships of selling quilts.  There was even time for a little nature walk!  Overall the weekend was really nice!

Once I got back home, I got right back into my sewing room!  I wanted to work on finishing the Moda Love quilt that I’d recently finished the top of, but I sadly discovered that I was about a yard short of the backing fabric.  I ordered what I needed to finish it, and basted what I could, then I got out a bag pattern that I wanted to try.  It’s for a bag with a bottle holder on the sides and inside, so it technically could be a diaper bag.  It could easily be used as a small gym bag as well.  It looks really nice, and it’s one of Sara Lawson’s patterns, the Aragon Bag. I’m making it using some purples and greens from the Aviary Lilac by Joel Dewberry.  I think it’s going to look nice and fresh.  I hope to have it available before my next craft fair, which is June 4th.

Aragon Bag!

This weekend is going to be a long weekend, and I’m hoping to take advantage of the cleaning and sewing time I’ll have available thanks to Memorial Day.  I hope you all get a nice long weekend as well!  Until next time, happy sewing!

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