WIPS Update!

Here’s a look at all of my WIPs, or, Works in Progress.

#1: Kathy’s Mother’s Day Quilt

This…is way overdue.  It’s a Mother’s day gift!  IT’S SEPTEMBER!  The good news is, I’ll be binding this over the weekend.

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#2: Quick baby shower quilt

I need to quickly whip out this sweet little baby shower quilt!  I am hoping to get this top fully pieced this weekend…because I need it to be done by next weekend. (why do I do this?!)


#3: Shop Sewing

I cut out enough charm squares from my baby shower quilt that I can make a second just like it.  I also have plans for that arrow tails quilt…since it’s not working.  I’m cutting these shapes into triangles and let Jesus take the wheel.  I do have some strips that are sewn properly, but I’ll probably use them like a border, or maybe use them on the back.

#4: Secret Sewing


If you know about this project, just know that I have nine out of eleven blocks sewn, then I can get the top pieced.

And that’s all for now!   Until next time, happy sewing!

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