September Craft Fairs

This month I participated in the Edgefield Craft fair and Flea, the Cruise’n N Groove’n, and the End of Summer Bark Bash.

The Edgefield Flea is the same craft fair that I did in July when it was SO hot and there was hardly anyone around, but I still made a few sales.  Similarly to last time it was very hot, and there were just a few more people.  Nothing to write home about.  I’m not sure if I’ll do this event again; I think it could be better advertised and more clearly explained.  A lot of people were just walking through before anyone was set up because they thought it started an hour earlier than it actually did.

My next fair was the Cruise’n N Groove’n.  This was also the second time I’ve done this event, and I didn’t have many expectations.  I went in not expecting much traffic, and mostly just wanting to work on the quilt I was working on binding and appreciated the time to sit mostly quietly.


How I set my bar of expectations.

We did have a better turnout of people coming through our vendor area than we did in August, and a lot of the people who were set up at this event were doing a second day at the same location.  I went out of town, so I had to pack it all back up to go home at 9pm.  I had a few people take cards and ask questions, and I even set up a giveaway email list.  I made two sales, which was so much more than I was anticipating, so I did a little dance in my head.  I sold my little dinosaur, which I have been dying to make more of, and I sold one of my coloring book carry cases.  I was also very happy to see a little photo update on my Facebook page of a sweet little boy hugging a dinosaur like it’s his best friend!

The last fair I participated in for September was the End of Summer Bark Bash at Hound Dog Commons.  While this was called “end of Summer” I feel like this Summer is never ending.  I think I heard it got up to 96 degrees!  I didn’t really plan my outfit accordingly, and I ended up taking my boots off a lot because I was so hot.  I even experienced something new, a heat rash!  I digress.

This was an inside/outside event, and the first time I’d ever been to this part of town.  I always like seeing different parts of town; Nashville’s a big place!  I got there really early to set up, and I kept slowing myself down, reminding myself I have three hours to set up, which it normally takes me about 45 minutes to do.  I was happy to have the extra time because it was so incredibly hot.  I got to talk to other vendors, including some vendors who had never done an event before.

The event was to benefit a local dog adoption service, so there were adoptable dogs, as well as people bringing their dogs to come by.  I love seeing dogs, petting dogs, being jumped on by dogs, and especially dogs being adopted.

I only had one sale, but I was kind of excited because I had an order online, and I had a request for a custom order.

This month was pretty good in comparison to other months of events I’ve done this year.  I have a couple of events next month, so I’ll keep you updated about them as well!

Until next time!  Happy sewing!

5 thoughts on “September Craft Fairs

  1. I often wonder at these craft sales if the cost of a “space or booth” is worth the time, effort and hassle (and heat) of doing it. One or two sales is discouraging, but I am impressed that you are hanging in there. I think who ever is doing the marketing is not doing the best job for the vendors. You have so many CUTE things, and deserve to have more foot traffic than what it sounds like you are getting.

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