Working through a Book

My journey through a sewing book.

So after I finished The Girl on the Train (which, I highly recommend reading and watching or one or the other, just take in this story!) I wondered what else I had on my Nook that I was neglecting.  Some time ago I downloaded the book Sunday Morning Quilts which is a book about scrap quilts.


Do you know the challenges of reading a quilting book in black and white? :O

I have a ridiculous amount of scraps, as I think most quilters do.  About a year ago I had Melinda come over and we had a scrap organizing…party?  Okay, it was not a party, but she did help me organize my madness.  Now I have all these lovely color coordinated scraps.

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After getting started reading this book I felt like I had a jump start because there’s a whole introduction about how to organize scraps, which are very helpful.  There’s even a “what to do with those little stringy bits of scraps” project!  So yes, keep every little bit, is what I’ve learned.


I also learned that there are no snuggles if you don’t sew. I think that’s tattoo worthy.

So there are lots of quilt patterns in this book that really help you bash your scrap stash.  There is one pattern in particular called “Splash” and I thought this looks simple enough, I think I’ll tackle that one first.  The basics are that you make “slabs” of fabric with your scraps, then sew them together into this quilt.  You can do it in lots of different colorways, but I decided since I have a lot of blue scraps that I would give it a shot with the original scheme, light blue with an orange block framed in white, sort of off centered.

I got out my scraps, and I got to work!  I’ve never made a block like a log cabin or anything like it that builds upon a central spot, so this was all new to me.  I really like the idea of not really putting a lot of thought into where pieces go, how big or how small, just as long as your block ends up a certain size.



The quilt will actually look similarly to this!


I’m really looking forward to finishing this quilt.  I like that I could make this quilt over and over and it would never look exactly the same.  There are several quilts in here that I’m really looking forward to working on.  I’m excited to really put a dent into my scraps!  It’s also fun to sort of revisit my scraps and remember the projects I made using the fabric the first time.

Until next time, happy sewing!

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