October Craft Fairs

This month I participated in two fairs, the Cruise’n n’ Groove’n and Pleasant View’s Birthday Bash.

(I really wish they’d rename that cruise’n n’ groove’n.  My spell checker really hates it.)

I went Thursday after I went home sick from work to drop off and sort of set up my stuff for the event at the Livery Stables.  This event has been pretty nice for me this year, and it’s so inexpensive and convenient that I really don’t mind if I don’t make any sales.  However, this month was a little more exciting because there was an event the very next day that I didn’t have to pay to participate in as well.

I’ve been pretty sick this past week, (don’t worry I went to the doctor and I’m on the mend now), so I wasn’t over the moon about participating in two events back to back when I’d really just like to get some rest.  The idea of only setting up once and breaking down once was really nice, though.



The lighting in here is impossible!


So Friday I show up and hang out, got a lot of people poking around, asking questions, cute kids dressed up and I felt so bad I didn’t have candy, but I’ve been trying to avoid buying any Halloween candy until the absolute last minute because I’ll just eat it all…let’s be honest.  I didn’t make any sales, but I was like ‘it’s okay, I really didn’t feel like much interaction anyway’ because I was so exhausted.  At the end of the night, I packed up and got things ready to move over to the new spot the next morning.

I fully planned on showing up early on Saturday, but I just felt so bad when I woke up that I gave myself another hour.  I mean, I had a window between 7am – 9:30am and I still got there at 8:30am, so it’s not like I showed up insanely late or anything.  I was so surprised when I showed up that they’d already set up my tent for me and moved all my things over so I didn’t have to!  (Huge thanks to those Livery Stables kids)  I set up, and I had a few extra little decorations because we were asked to have a birthday theme to our booths.

I really did not feel much better, and I had a lot of layers on because all of the sudden Fall decided to show up this weekend on the day I was going to be outside.  I stayed warm and cozy, and I had a box of kleenex close by and I brought my 3DS to play Pokemon during any downtime.  It was another battle between me and the wind, but luckily it only caused one mini-disaster that could have been much worse; my price sign kept being knocked over, so I put it in front of my coffee cup to keep it propped up.  Well, a big gust came through and knocked over my coffee on my white tablecloth and REALLY close to my quilt I had hung up behind me.  Luckily no coffee got on the quilt, and just to be safe I poured some water over the coffee that was on the ground and propped the quilt up with my chair until the ground dried just in case the back of the quilt touched the curb.

I actually had people who liked things Friday night come back on Saturday and buy, which never happens!  I ended up doing pretty well overall and I’m really happy about it.  I have two more events for the year, and they’re back to back weekends.  You can find out more about them on my Craft Fair Schedule Page and look back on the events I’ve done this year.

November is going to start off with another craft fair this Saturday at Track One, so come out and say hi! Until next time, happy sewing!

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