WIP List Updates

This post is just an update on all the works in progress that I’ve been working on this year.

Like most quilters, I have a litany of projects that I’ve started and stopped and started something else.  These are generally called works in progress, or WIPs.  Here’s a list of updates on some of the projects that I’ve been working on this year.

Mother In Law Quilt:

I actually finished this earlier this month, but I never posted about it!  I used a pattern by Kelbysews for the crossing quilt to make this quilt that was supposed to be a mother’s day gift.  I used the fabric The Boathouse from Sweetwater.  I also added a really sweet sailboat on the back!

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Mari Beth’s baby shower quilt:

Sometimes very simple quilts are so satisfying.  I wanted to give Mari Beth and Tim a very special gift for their first child, so I whipped this sweet little guy up with some 5″ squares.

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Baby clothes quilt:

So this is completely out of my comfort zone.  One of my mom’s friends reached out and asked if I could make a quilt from her granddaughter’s clothes for a Christmas gift for her granddaughter.  I have approached it like it’s a t-shirt quilt, so I’ve been making blocks with interfaced clothes and I’ve been framing them with a soft pink cotton that is the best solid blending color I could find for the majority of these clothes.

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I’m glad to be getting a lot of projects knocked out this year!  I’ve got one more t-shirt quilt in the works right now but it’s currently a pile of cut up shirts so not much to see yet.  I  hope you’re all…having a nice week.

Until next time, happy sewing!  Because…we still have that!

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