Sewing Room Update!

Improvements have been made!

A few years ago I made a post about my first sewing room.  After we moved into our house (can you believe we’ve been here over two years?) I did another sewing room tour.  Well, I got the bright idea of rearranging my sewing room and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it, but I have a larger wall that I wanted to make my planning wall.  It also gets sunlight in the rare instances that the sun is on that side of the house and I’m in my sewing room.



Here’s a look at my old planning wall

My old planning wall was made of four panels, foam board sheets that were about 2′ x 3′ and covered in flannel.  This was on the wall next to my sewing room behind where I sit to sew.  In order to use the wall I wanted to use, I had to figure out a way to move my sewing table back from that wall, and I figured I could just put my sewing table against the wall that my old planning wall was on.  The only problem with that was that where my chair ends up, I am basically sitting on a vent.  Seeing as I don’t want to go through the floor, that wasn’t going to work.



Dramatic Animated Reenactment

I ended up just moving my table back to the wall it was on and moved it towards the center instead of in any corner.  A couple of my wall panels were warped from when we moved, and until now was not a problem but I knew they needed to be replaced.  Instead of just buying more of those, my husband thought why not just get some large foam insulation “slabs” and use those.  This also meant getting new flannel to cover those, which was fine with me.  After we figured out how to get the foam slabs cut, put together and covered in flannel, my mom and I fandangled it up and against the wall.  The new one just leans against the wall instead of being pinned onto the wall like the old one was.  So I’ve now gone from about a 6′ x 4′ planning wall to an 8′ x 7′ planning wall.



I have to use a step stool to reach the top, and even then it’s a stretch!  HUGE!


I’m really happy with my new wall.  It’s so silly but every time I walk in there I’m like WOW!!!  And I’ve also used the two boards that were not super warped to make a small planning wall space right behind me so I can get to things quickly.


Moving my table also posed a new problem, I couldn’t easily reach my thread storage anymore.  So I have retired my dachshund spool holder, and I found this really incredible stamping tray on Craigslist for a whopping $30 and put it on the wall.  I loaded it up with thread and it looks even better than I anticipated.



I even squeezed a few washi tapes in there!  And of course, tiny figurines, because I’m ridiculous.


Last year doing all of the craft fairs that I did, I left myself without my ironing board table a lot, so I adopted the laundry room ironing board and now I have it hanging on my closet door so it’s not always in the way.  If I’m working on plushies I don’t iron nearly as much unless I’m putting on faces, so it’s just kind of awkward and in the way, so now that it’s hanging on the door and out of the way, it’s great!

Overall I’m really pleased with my new set up.  I have a large space in the floor so when I do need to do some larger quilt basting, I don’t have to wiggle things around between table legs or things.

I’ve tried rearranging my closet, but it’s still the same in there.  I am really pleased with how my room has shaped up!  Are you making any changes to your sewing area in 2017?  Let me know!  Until next time, happy sewing!


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