Happy Things

Because seriously, the world just keeps piling on.

It seems like the world is just progressively spinning down a tube.  The important thing is to not get sucked in.  Luckily I have seen a few people from Lauren Fairweather to Amateur Librarian making postings lately about things that are keeping them happy.  They’ve inspired me to make my own little list of things that are making me happy.

Custom Order

I’m still beyond excited that #1 someone saw me in the Subaru Drive magazine and  #2 reached out to me and ACTUALLY bought a quilt.  This is the first “grown adult bed sized” quilt I’ve ever sold, and I am still absolutely blown away.  And this quilt is coming together really quickly, so I’m hoping I can actually get it shipped out sooner than expected.

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Most of the time I feel like I’m on an island of emotions by myself, and sometimes people will “visit” my island, but mostly I feel like I’m the only one here full time.  Right now I’m feeling really helpless and muzzled which I know sounds so dramatic, but it’s true.  It’s not just fearfulness for myself, just for the world as a whole.  I oddly enough find comfort in being able to listen to news and just knowing that my island’s population has blown up.


So there is totally a trendy thing I can 100% get behind.  I would love to homestead but that requires going outside a lot.  I want to have a capsule wardrobe but I just love so much clothing.  I like the idea of minimalism, but I also love things!  So, what is this thing that I’m behind?  Hygge! (pronounced hooga)  The Danish secrets to happier living.  I first saw this book on Pinterest and said “man that’s a cute book cover” then I heard a story about it on NPR, and I was like oh that sounds pretty awesome, so I ordered it.  I’m only a little ways into this book and I am in love.  Here are some basics to hygge:

  • light everywhere and so many candles
  • warm and snuggly; super cozy
  • time spent with others for fun, not because you have to

So I like really bright lit spaces.  I have my blinds in my office open all the time, I have a lamp in the dark corner, and now I’ve been burning a candle on my desk (which…I can only assume from their reaction that no one in my office has ever seen a candle burning before.)  I have started using my string lights in my sewing room to add more light because I’m typically sewing at night, so any extra light helps.  I love being snuggled under blankets and quilts and hanging out in my hoodie footie (I would wear it 24/7 if I could) so I’m already pretty into the hygge lifestyle.  I just need to find ways to get in that last part.  The last part is tricky; what it means is like hanging out with your family or friends for no reason other than you just want to, not just because it’s a birthday or Christmas and you probably feel obligated. It’s tricky because I hate leaving the house, but sacrifices can be made to hygge.

Quilting Ideas

I  have so many quilts floating around in my head right now.  I have a lot of fabric that is waiting patiently for me to cut it up.  I’m really excited to dive right in and get into them.  One of these quilts is this quilt that kept popping up on my Pinterest feed and I kept laughing about it because this cat that is sitting there and I finally looked at the pattern and I really like it.  It’s called Endless Summer by V & Co, and I plan on doing it in a mixture of Cloud 9 Park life and some solids mixed in.  I think it’s going to look really great.

Another quilt I want to do is an orange peel quilt.  I have some ideas of different types of charm pack quilts I may want to do, and I have a 5″ peel template and a mini template, so I have a few options.  I’ve thought about doing a ‘warm and cool” version of this quilt I saw on Missouri Start Quilt Company’s YouTube using this Blueberry Park fabric.  I’ve also thought about doing just a tiny orange peel, but I don’t know how it’s going to work out yet in my head.

I know there are other things bouncing around, those are just ones that are sticking for now.


I have been collecting plushie patterns lately, and I have gotten an adorable little collection going.  I am so ready to dive right in.  I have already made a couple of little guys to get back into the plushie state of mind, and I’m so excited.  I am really excited to make so many of these little plushies that it’s just boiling up.

That’s a little look at some things I’m focusing on to keep my head above water.  What about you?  What are you doing to keep your spirits up?  Until next time, happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Happy Things

  1. I love this list!! I feel the same way about the world right now, it’s hard to keep resisting and persisting while keeping some sanity! BIG congrats on your magazine spotlight and custom order!!
    PS If you like political podcasts, you should check out Pantsuit Politics

  2. Reading your words makes me happy. I think your work is great. I would like to sew but My fear of the needle jabbing my finger is just too much.

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